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I know, this is SOOOO exciting...but, yeah, I wanted to talk about my lenses, because I'm a dork.
Hello and welcome to another Vlog Every Day in April!  Today, I'm using a different camera lens, if that's not clear.  It is weird for me.

This (holds up camera lens) is my normal shooting lens.  Uh, I also have this (holds up another lens) which is my like original kit lens from when I got my Canon Eos Rebel XT a long time ago.  So this lens is in terrible shape.  It's not very good.  It's got the jumpiest little, like, to zoom in it's like AAHHHH.  It grabs all over the place.  The focus ring grabs too, but I love this lens.  It's very light, it's very versatile.  It's an 1855, uh, millimeter lens, uh, and yeah.  It's fine.  It's plastic, but it's fine.

This is my new-ish lens, my most recent lens purchase, which is a 10 to 22 millimeter lens.  Now Here's what those numbers mean.  It's basically how wide you can see.  So this is a wide-angle lens 10, you can see like, right- basically right- there's like a cone that comes out like this around the camera.  So it sees a lot.  Especially when it's at 10.  And that creates, uh, some distortion.  It's a little bit of fish-eye kind of look to it.  And when you get to 22, that pretty much doesn't have any fish-eye and it's- it's still fairly wide, 22, um...

This goes from 18 to 55, so with these two lenses together, I can go from 10 to 55 which is good.

 I also have an 85 to 200, which is a telephoto lens for taking pictures of things that are far away, like birds, usually, is what I'm taking pictures of that are far away.  Also sometimes like wedding photos are really good with that zoom lens 'cause you don't have to get right up in people's faces and you can get, like, a field thing going on like I'm doing right here, uh, with the blurry background, 'cause those are... wedding photos with a blurry background man.  If your- if your wedding photos don't have a blurry background, then I- you're not even married, frankly!

So I love this lens!  It's super great not just for taking videos of myself, uh, for a couple reasons.  This is an expensive lens, by the way.  Uh, but it's also great for, like being in Europe and taking pictures of buildings 'cause you can get- like you don't- to take a picture of a building, with a 15 millimeter lens, what I'm using right now, you have to get REALLY FAR AWAY.  And often times, you can't get far away from buildings because there's other buildings.  

Or, interior shots also, like it's hard to take a picture of the inside of something, uh, that captures all of it of you don't have a wide-angle lens.  

This, though, that I'm using on the camera right now, has a 15 millimeter lens, and you'll notice that I'm doing this (waves arms out toward the camera) and I'm not even touching the camera!  I usually can't do that, this thing is right up in my face when I'm filming. RIGHT UP, like THIS far away.  And now- so this is how close I am to the lens.  I'm still coming, still coming, still coming, now I'm there.  You can't see me, but...

So there are a couple of advantages of using a wide-angle lens, uh, like this one.  One, I'm using right now - you'll notice the sound's a little bad in this video - I'm using right now a camera-mounted mic, and the farther away that mic is from me, the worse I sound.  But if I had a lav mic - which is the little thing that you pin on yourself - it would be fine, which is why a lot of people use lav mics.  

This does not have a focus ring on it.  (the word "zoom" flashes on the screen)  So, if I wanted to move the camera closer or further away from me, uh, I couldn't just twist, I would have to actually physically move the camera closer or further away from me.  Which is fine!  There's nothing wrong with that! 

But this lens, 15 millimeter lens, is an inexpensive lens that has great, uh, like a really wide aperture which means it can open very, like, it's lens, it's like, iris opens very wide.  And that allows for this shallow depth of field thing that's going on here, like, I'm blurry!  I'm in focus!  I'm blurry again! AAAHHHHH!  That's called the shallow depth of field.  People like that.  It's the sexy wedding photo that lets you know you're married, and this kit lens, uh, for my old, uh, camera doesn't really do that.  Now it's great to have a cheap lens that you can throw around and just stuff places, and I don't even put the lens caps on it correctly anymore, uh, to be able to, you know, have a crappy lens that can do, like, grunt work.

Whereas this, uh, is much better at taking, like, cinematographic kinds of things, which is sort of why I'm doing this test right now, 'cause I'm going to L.A. and I'd like to film some people, uh, doing, uh- talking about stuff and have it look, like, a pretty sexy-looking interview.

So yeah!  That's camera lenses, man!  Now you know all the things you needed to know about- except this has been a terrible introduction.  But I got to test out my lens!  So that's all that matters to me on this Vlog Every Day in April Day!  I'll see you next time.