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In our VERY FIRST video essay, Chelsea talks about the heyday of the classic romantic comedy and the lasting impact the genre has had on millennial women — from influencing their expectations of relationships to normalizing lifestyles that are almost exclusively available to rich people.

Thanks to @Princess_Weekes for her insight in this video!


00:00 TFD supports SAG!
00:55 Welcome To Our Romcom Era!
5:09 The Downfall Of The Mainstream Romcom
12:10 An Economically Chaotic Match
15:22 Romance Is For White People
18:14 The Romcom's Relationship With Money
27:01 He's Not Charming, He's Just A Prince
31:30 Your Job: The One True Love Of Capitalism
36:05 Wined, Dined, & Lightly Stalked
41:25 You Should Never Know You're Hot
46:48 Congratulations, Life Ends At 30!
50:48 Conclusion

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