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Dry Humping Saves Lives! It's true! Let's have a look at a few of the different forms of dry humping (or Frottage or Dubbing or Grinding or Scrumping) and talk about why they're safer sex.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

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Titles: Michael Aranda

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Dry Humping! Dry humping saves lives.


You get the humping part. Dry refers to the presence of clothing to ensure the absence of body fluids. There is no penetration, there can be orgasms, the clothes are on. Unless they come off, in which case the humping is more accurately called Outercourse, referring to sex on the outside of the body. This can be a little confusing because we think outercourse / intercourse, and so if outercourse is on the outside, intercourse must be on the inside? But what I told you before is that inter is between, not inside. Outer is just a place and term that we've come up with to refer to sex on the outside of the body.

Frottage, F-R-O-T-T-A-G-E, is a third way to describe humping on the outside of the body. Other ways are grinding, scrumping, and dubbing. My take is that if you've got a pair of jeans acting as a barrier between the two of you dry humping - 2, or 3, or 4 - then you have a form of safer sex. But its safe-ER sex. It isn't safe sex. The reason why is because you can still have bugs that get transmitted from skin-to-skin contact. And, if there is any sort of ejaculation or sharing of body fluids, there is a chance of pregnancy and/or infections. You're not having to worry as much about sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy, this is erratic, and it can take partnership right back to the beginning when they weren't concerned about penetration and they could just roll around in the back of a car...

Yes, having clothes on doesn't impede the sex. Yes, it is sex. And just as we have words to differentiate between oral sex and anal and vaginal, we also have terms to separate the terms between different kinds of outercourse.
Femoral sex, rubbing between the thighs. Like your femur...femoral.
Gluteal sex, rubbing between the butt cheeks.
Manual sex, rubbing between the palms of your hands.
Digital sex, referring to your digits like your fingers and toes. Not just zeros and ones. This can also be called fingering, but if your want to keep it dry, wear gloves.
Here are more terms for outercourse that I've created using a little bit of anatomical terminology.
Popliteal sex is rubbing between the semi bent knee.
Spinal sex is between the neck and shoulder.
Mammary sex, which is between the breasts. You can stick these together if you've got little ones like me to create a little bit of friction.
Axillary sex is between your arm and your chest and your armpit. Also known as bagpiping, something you might want to be a little careful about stubble with.
Naval sex is a good one on the belly button.
And my prized position for non-penetrative play: Podiary sex. So, for podiary sex, referring to the soles of your feet. (Like podiatrists) you're going to put your soles together, creating a shape kind of like this. And then, the penis, or object of insertion, will go between them (right like that). I suggest having your partner face away from your while they're penetrating your soles, so that their body fluids don't get on you in case they're not wearing a condom, and you can hold onto their hips.
Dry humping does save lives, but it is really important that you operationalize what kind of dry humping you're doing. What kind of outercourse are you having? That means putting it into measurable terms. The reason is because you want to make sure that you understand your risk. If you're having vaginal sex, your risk is a little bit different if you're having axillary sex, though the stubble may feel dangerous. Also, you're gonna want to understand what kind of protection you're gonna use in those circumstances. Finally, you want to make sure that you're getting the sex that you want. If you're asking for sex, that could mean something different to your partner than what it does to you. Operationalize your sex! Ok, we're out of here! Out, like non-penetrative. Bye!
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