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In which John vlogs while driving (not a recommended activity) in order to beat the deadline.


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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday!

Hank, you were just greeted by people in Schaumburg, IL where I've been visiting. Now I'm driving home and I'm filming Brotherhood 2.0 while driving, is that safe? No, it's not safe.

But if I don't film Brotherhood 2.0 while driving, when will I film it? I'm gonna get home right before midnight. Observation: people in passing cars look at you funny when you're driving down the road holding a camera in front of your face.

Anyway Hank, I have to publicly state that I do not recommend video blogging while driving at 72 mph. Unless you are 9 months into a 12 month project and have not yet missed a day in that project. OK Hank, I just- hold on, merging traffic.

Ok Hank, I just passed an outlet mall and I was like, "Who goes to outlet malls, anyway?" And then there was a billboard that said, "Come see the beef jerky outlet" and I was like, "OH MY GOD, MUST GET OVER, MUST GET INTO RIGHT LANE, MUST EXIT NOW!" But then there was tragically long line of semi trucks and I wasn't able to exit so I missed the beef jerky outlet. I mean Hank, think of the beef jerky deals! They should have more awesome outlets like that.

Maybe we can go to Winner, SD and build like a Nerdfighter Outlet Mall. We could have like a "Put Stuff on Your Head" outlet that'd sell like 85,000 different items that fit on top of your head at whole sale prices. Of course, we'd have to have a Peeps outlet.

They'd sell like every possible color of Peeps, stamped into every size and shape in the world. By the way Hank, my life long dream: a Peep in the shape of me. And of course there'd have to be a pants outlet.

And as I envision it, Hank, all the pants we sell at our pants outlet would be emblazoned with pineapples. The pineapple would tell you that you've got a pair of real, legitimate, 100% Nerdfighter pants. Why a pineapple, Hank?

Because it's the international sign for "Welcome." It's like saying, "Welcome to my pants!" And speaking of welcoming people to my pants, Hank, I'd like to thank you for getting the Brotherhood 2.0 forum "My Pants" back up. Hank, I think I'm gonna go back to driving now. So that's it for me in Indiana, where the road is flat, the day is long, and the corn is plentiful.

I'll see you tomorrow. PS. Hank, it occurs to me that we've gone 9 months in this video blog and we've never really disagreed.

So I'm thinking it's time for just a little tiny feud. I don't even know what we could disagree about, but maybe if we could come up with something, then the Nerdfighters could pick who wins? All I know is this Hank: If we do have a feud, like a pirate at a ninja convention, you're gonna get pwned.

PPS. Tomorrow's The Yeti's birthday. Yaaay Sarah!

Oh and Hank, PPPS, like it says on my friend Katie's arm: Don't forget to be awesome.