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TIMECODE (thanks to SmokyBirch):

1:06 - Is there any good data to support avoiding nitrates? I've been checking every lunchmeat label trying to avoid them (without much success), and I wonder if it isn't just another panic-du-jour?

3:15 - What are sulfites and why is there a "contains sulfites" warning on my wine bottle?

4:57 - I have heard of and seen ads for some DNA test services from companies like Ancestry and "23 and me". What's your opinion on these? Are they accurate and worth it?

6:34 - My in-laws tell me that drinking cold things while eating food with oils and fats will cause them to solidify and give me a heart attack. I think that's wrong, but how do I explain?

7:55 - What is your opinion on the value of the Coronary Calcium Scan test?

9:52 - I have Macrophage Activation syndrome, and I was wondering if you knew of any studies or information on it, like how often does it flare, how rare it is, what helps control it and life expectancy of those who have it etc? Really appreciate it thank you!

11:13 - What are your thoughts on sleep training and research-based best practice that you recommend to parents?

14:46 - What are your thoughts on people taking medicine to treat mild to moderate fever when a fever is the body's natural immune response? Any evidence to support that taking meds to suppress fever is bad?

16:33 - Risks or benefits to cleaning my ears with Q-tips? I like clean earbuds & end up removing orange wax from my ears about once a week. Is this safe as long as I don't go too deep?

17:39 - Are there any studies on health risks of being underweight? Is it just as bad as being overweight or better?

18:51 - Do you have an opinion on how likely Zika virus is to be causing microcephaly? Specifically that reported baseline rate of microcephaly in Brazil (~150/3 million births) is statistically impossible.

20:18 - What is the difference between a DO and MD degree? What is your opinion on osteopathy? An acquaintance I greatly respect is getting their DO degree and I'm not sure what to think about that.

22:39 - Why are physician residency work hours so depression-inducing?
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