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In which Nat Wolff, Cara Delevingne, and John Green answer real questions from real nerdfighters. Topics discussed include Cara's eyebrows, anger toward bubbles, Nat's dream murders, unicorn hippos on treadmills in the Andes, and of course the riding of llamas.

One thing we failed to mention is that THE FILM PAPER TOWNS COMES OUT IN U.S. THEATERS EVERYWHERE ON JULY 24TH. Probably should've put that in the video somewhere. SORRY, FOX.

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Crowd: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday!

John: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday, it's question Tuesday.  Sorry about the weird lighting, we're in like, the back of a movie theater in Berlin, nothin' creepy about that.  I'm here with Nat Wolff who plays Q in the Paper Towns movie.  Hank, I also have with me Cara Delevingne, who plays Margo Roth Spiegelman in the movie Paper Towns.

Cara: That's me!

John: Hi, Cara, how's it going?

Cara: Call me Margo.

John: Oh, do you prefer to be called Margo?

Cara: Yes, please!

John: How's it going, Margo?

Cara: Pretty good, how are--

John: Alright, uh, the first question--

Cara: Thank you for creating me.

John: You're welcome, it was my distinct pleasure.  If you were an animal, what an animal would you be?

Nat: Elephant.

John: Who has inspired you the most in your career?

Nat: John Green.

John: I bet you two dollars you can't 'Bubbles' angrily.

Nat: Bubbles!  Bubbles!

John: Bubbles!

Nat: Bubbles! 

Cara: Bubbles! 

John: Bubbles!

Cara: Bubbles!

John: I bet you two dollars you can't 'bubbles' as if you are saying the last words to someone you're about to execute.

Nat: Bubbles.

John: Can you guys do an eyebrows dance-off?  Aand go. You're winning. You're definitely... you are - WHOAH.

Cara: and then I can add in the lip and-

John: OH NO! How do you have so many muscles inside your head? You could be in the Olympics for that.

Cara: I am. I ham.

John: Wow then congratulations. mhmm. You know, uh, the band ham is actually-

Cara: Ham I am?

John: -on the soundtrack of Paper Towns

Cara: Him?
Nat: Haim.

John: Yeah, no, they're called Ham.

Nat: haim.
Cara: and then if they were gonna split up and then one of them started a solo career she'd be called "Haim Solo"

John: Can you give me your impersonation of Gollum from Lord of the Rings?
Nat: "I'm Gollum, what's up man?"
John: Have you seen the Lord of the Rings?
Nat: Not recently.
(John laughs)

John: Can you give me your impersonation of the Godfather?
Nat: "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. I'm gonna give you The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns you're gonna have to pick one, you have to throw one in the garbage.

John: Would you ride a llama if you were given the chance?
Nat: No.

John: Would you ride a llama if you were given the chance?
Cara: Obviously. I wanna see how hard a llama actually spits. You know cuz they hold that spit up and then - then their ears go back and then they go... I wanna see that.

John: Are you punching Nat?

Cara: yeah but he's not moving
Nat: ugh
John: do you have any advice on getting over a breakup?
Cara: be distracted, get a new one, there's plenty of them.

John: Can you remember your last dream?
Nat: eh, I killed you in my dream
John:  Did you kill me? Did you really?
Nat: I never wanted to say anything I felt SO guilty. 

John: Let me ask you a question, right before you shot me in the back of the head did you say "bubbles?"
Nat: I did.

John: would you rather be a unicorn or a hippopotamus?
Cara: both, again. Just a hippo -hippodopotamus with a horn.
Nat: a hippopotamus escaped the zoo today.
Cara: into my mouth? 
Nat: No. Just away from the zoo. Just away from the zoo.
John: (laughing) No, as it happens they went somewhere else.
Cara: because I- no, just like a hippopotamus with a giant horn on it's face.
John: uh, oh, so like a rhinoceros, essentially then?
Cara: No, because hippopotamus have those round teeth. and also I would like the horns to go all the way down it's back.
John: Alright, I bet somebody can draw that for you, anything else that you'd like it to be doing?
Cara: You'd better..  uhm, I would like it to be on a treadmill, in the Andes, uhm, but it's cloudy with a hint of rain,
John: mhmm
Cara: so there's a rainbow with a Leprechaun sliding down the other end.
Nat: of the rainbow?
Cara: with his family and friends all with him, and then a puddle of ladybirds at the bottom of the treadmill waiting to be taken up by an alien spaceship. (breathes deeply)
John: Let's see who can spell their last names backwards the fastest. N- E- E
John: R- dammit.

Which Hogwarts House are you in? I can answer this for you.
Nat: well what do you think I'm in?
John: You're a Ravenclaw, it's not even difficult.
Cara said it was true and she actually WENT to Hogwarts. (they laugh)

Who would win in an arm-wrestling contest between Nat Wolff and John Green?
Alright, I'll do it. Cara, will you videotape it?
Cara: yeah.
John 3-2-1- Oh wow you are strong! Ah! I had no chance!
John: aww that genuinely hurt! aw, wow Hank I'll see you on Friday. 
Nat: I love you, sorry John.
John: I love you, too.
Cara: Men.