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We recently did a Truth or Fail on Sherlock Holmes ( and one of the rounds was entitled "21st Century Sherlock" which inspired me to do this.

I'm just kinda devastated the Season 3 of Sherlock is so far's just a terrible thing to do to a person.

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A Bunny
( - -)
((') (')


Hank (playing guitar):
Well he's fashionably lean
and he's dangerously cool
He'll come to your crime scene
Make you look like a fool
As he beats on a corpse with a riding crop
He's a 21st century Sherlock

He's a 21st century Sherlock
A door, abhorred, he's bored, the hero of the Reichenbach
He's a 21st century Sherlock now now now

He's a sociopath
a high-functioning one
Not a psychopath
Oh, no, this is so much more fun
At 4am, you'll find him playing Bach
He's a 21st century Sherlock

He's a 21st century Sherlock

It's late, so late
I wait
Now hurry up, I wanna watch
'cause he's a 21st century Sherlock
yeah, he's a 21st century Sherlock
oh, he's a 21st century Sherlock, yeah

(end song)

Thanks to all of the people who made this video possible, Steven Moffat, Jim Morrison, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Benedict Cumberbatch, my mom, wouldn't happen without her!

 promo's for John and Hank's other channels

I just noticed that this video was extraordinarily short, so I decided to put together a little promo of some of the other things that John and I are doing here on YouTube that you may be missing if you're not subscribed to those channels, and there are a bunch of them, like SciShow and CrashCourse and Lizzie Bennet and HankGames, doing quite well and it's pretty fun to watch and make, so, check it out.

(Michael Aranda's 'Blog Vrothers' plays in the background)

CrashCourse clip:

John: I'd argue that World War I helped make possible everything from the Simpsons to intentionally unattractive mustaches.

John from the past: Mr. Green, Mr. Green, are you referring to me?

John: Oh, me from the past, you're an embarrassment to your family, also, to all our other selves.

SciShow clip:

Hank: Organisms that contain the genetic information of more than one individual, and yes, this is a real thing!

Perhaps I could interest you in some drunk pigs.

Let's say you're walking down the street minding your own business, and you get in the face by an angry duck. Let's say that this is unusual for you and you don't know what's going on, just that you're being attacked by something.

The great bacon shortage of 2012

Baby dogs and cats and pygmy hippos and dolphins.

Hankgames clip:

John: Ohh, it's a fantastic goal and it's from Basanta, he doesn't even have a song yet!

Our opponents squat in shame, sorry West Brom, but you just got Swoodilypooped.

Lizzie Bennet clip:

Lizzie: Bing definitely acted like he liked Jane.

George: Guess who?

Lizzie: Stop it and sit down, doofus.

George: No, wrong, it's George.

George: Ladies and gentlemen, the Bennet sisters.

SciShow Clip:

Hank: From a biological perspective, we know what the meaning of life is, biology has answered that question, it's reproduction.

CrashCourse Clip:

John: I guess that I am going to do the cinnamon challenge. (chokes) I regret doing that, to be honest with you.

Hank: John, thanks for helping me make a bunch of cool stuff, I'll see you on Tuesday.