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In this special, 5th week edition of Nature League, Brit explores the concept of nature and life on Earth in the context of another discipline in a segment called "Nature+". In this episode, Brit is joined by philosophy professor Dr. Soazig Le Bihan and SciShow producer Caitlin Hofmeister to discuss nature in the context of philosophy.

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Brit: I have also had my adventures on the Atlantic indeed. [Laughter] I'm happy to say-

Caitlin: That was a pirate [Laughter] 

Brit: Don't tell them. That is ASL for pirate, I'm almost positive.


Welcome back to Nature League! This month, we've been discussing the topic of life on Earth. And it just so happens that this month has five Thursdays, so for the fifth week of this special month, Nature League will produce a special segment called Nature Plus.

Nature Plus is a segment where we'll investigate nature in the context of something else. For our first Nature Plus segment, we're going to explore nature plus philosophy. Basically discovering how philosophy can help us explore, learn about, and love life on Earth. So I am lucky to have some friends here to help me out with the topic. And I am so excited to introduce them to you now. So first I will have Caitlin.

C: Hello! I am Caitlin. I produce Scishow, all the Scishow channels, and so that's how I met Brit. I was a philosophy major in undergrad, and so when you were talking about doing this, we started talking about the Wilderness Act of 1964. So that's why I get to be here! 

B: Yay! [Laughter] We are super lucky to have Doctor Soazig Le Bihan here today. Uh, and she will introduce herself.

S: My name is Soazig Le Bihan. I am a professor of philosophy at the University of Montana. I work in the philosophy of science, um more precisely I worked for a long time on philosophy of physics, and recently I've changed gears to work of philosophy of ecology. 

B: So I, last semester, I don't know why I did this.

S: I don't know. 

B: I'm glad that I did. But I decided to go on a new adventure, and I pirated my way over to the philosophy department because I saw that there is a course being offered that is philosophy of ecology. Now I know ecology in book form, in text, and all of this. And it actually started because Soazig came to my wildlife department and gave a brief introductory to philosophy of science. 

S: I don't know why I did that. 

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