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In which Manager John Green is frustrated with the players.

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Wher... wh... oh. I mean, I don't know. I would have passed it to one of my players but there's a bunch of ways to win the game.

Golly gee! Can somebody get the right cross in!

John Green! For the love of God, dive with your beautiful bald head!

Deeney, Deeney, Deeney, Deeney, Deeney, Deeney. God, the guy cannot finish.

Where do you... who were you passing to? Pass to where they guy is not to where he would be if it were a different universe. We're in this universe.

You're not good at running so that's frustrating. That was bad because you passed to the wrong guy.

What I like about these new, young Wimbly Womblys is that they're playing with some courage. They're not good, right. Like, none of... I don't think there's a single player on the field except for Amankwaa Amankwaa with a skill level above 60.

Dicko! What the frick were you doing Dicko?! What in the fricking name of frick frick?!

Get there. Get around him! Get around him Dicko. Mmm Dicko. Could have done a little bit better there.

I don't know. These boots were made for Strutton, not a great finisher it must be said.

That's a nice ball but why are you so slow Juan Maresca? Good lord! Never happens to John Green.

Oh no! How did he not score?! How did Dicko not score!? He was alone with the keeper!

Oh, there's Demichelis. His hair is just awful, it's just awful. Unfortunately it's like that in real life too.

Let's see if anybody's tired. Ralls is tired which is funny 'cause he's never played a game before so you'd think that would maybe, maybe allow him to get a little bit of extra energy.

Dicko on the move to Deeney! No. Deeney, Deeney's had a difficult few months. He started out such a special player, Deeney, and he's really let his partying get to him and that's frustrating to me.

Deeney. God, too much drinking.

Oh come on John Green. He's upset because of his husband's broken metatarsal bone and he can't focus and it's frustrating to watch.

That's not a bad cross! Bald John Green stood still. He stood still, he did not go to the ball, that's confusing and angering.

Well I don't want to hurt Deeney's feelings by subbing him off at half time. These are very fragile people, the pixels who make up the Wimbly Womblys. So you don't want to, you don't want to hurt them.

Alright, let's not give up a goal. That would be annoying and stupid.