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¡Hola clase! My name is Lindsey Doe. I'm a clinical sexologist and host of this sex-curious show, Sexplanations. Today's episode is sponsored by NordVPN, a leading virtual private network, which seals your devices and browsing from criminals and surveillance.

[throat clearing and whip cracking sounds]

Every year, a new lineup of emojis comes out, and you may think, "Oh, disguise face! Piñata! Bubble tea!" I think about their sexual connotations. For example, some birth control, in order of effectiveness. Outercourse, or dry humping: pants. Sterilization: scissors. Lactational amenorrhea: breastfeeding. You get it.

All the phallic foods are penises: eggplant, corn, banana, baguette, and the joystick. The watermelon, taco, honeypot, sushi, and mango are vulvas. And any of the cat faces can be used to express how the pussy feels. 

You're probably familiar with the rocket as getting hard, perspiration droplets as getting wet, and you can use the fountain or wave if you're soaked. Champagne, volcano, or fireworks are all orgasms. The hug emoji I consider hands-free orgasm. 

The though bubble looks like semen! Arrows from music and web instruction are clearly sex positions. Tongue or tongue out, oral, given the context, of course. Tongue-honeypot would be cunnilingus. Tongue-peach would be anus, unless you've seen FaceBook, in which case this may be confusing. I can eat a peach for hours!

You decide which meaning works best for you. Just be consistent, so that you and the people you're messaging are agreeing to the same terms. Can we agree that the eyeball refers to the last thing your genitals see before I put my mouth on them? Uhhhh... such a weirdo.

I like the squirrel for, "I wanna hold your nuts," and the massage emoji for, "I want to rub your head." The pointed finger is digital play. OK is anal, unless they're paired together, in which case this could be any kind of penetration. 

The hands I've always appreciated are called "open hands," but they look like two thumbs up to me, where you put the thumbs together into a glans shape and you thrust this way.

New in 2020, a sexology favorite, fisting. It's called "pinch fingers." It's an awkward angle, but it's much smoother insertion than the fist punch.

Also new this year: beaver, slang for vulva; blueberries, which can work as blue balls; and an olive that reminds me of this erotica story about impaling little men on her fingers like olives and then sucking them off into her mouth. 

Wood? Add it to the other dicks! Magic wand? That could be a dick too, or a vibrator! The knot is so exciting as a bondage symbol, and it brings up how smart it is to have an emoji safe word. So if you're sexting and need things to stop or slow down, emergency vehicle lighting. Or gender neutral Santa. Yep, 2020, the year of Mx. Claus.

Do you think of sex when you see the new accordion? The vagina expanding during arousal from the 3-to-5 inch resting state to accommodate larger objects when it's aroused? It's also called tenting, which there's an emoji for, and for the hungry, swollen vagina, a circus tent!

How about the thing sandal? I immediately think about the do-it-yourself dildo I fashioned from a flip flop. And now the emoji is a sex toy.

The merperson? Some trans, non-binary, and intersex folks use it as a symbol for their identity. Genital insignificance! Of there's the actual transgender symbol and the transgender flag emojis. 

In the context of polyamory, a unicorn is a bisexual person who wants to join an existing couple. The otter, wolf, and bear are terms and emojis to differentiate between different types of gay men.

Flashlight? Masturbation sleeve. Video camera? Let's make a sex tape. Fondue? Group sex. And a boomerang? Someone you have sex with who comes back without much effort. A rhinoceros: horny.

I love language so much. I love being able to communicate with simple images. Pew! For those of you who are also really into it, there are sites where you can download packages of explicitly sexual emojis, no innuendo needed. 

Shorts with a boner. Spread legs squirting. Actual birth control pills! Pretty magnificent. So many ways to express sexuality, subtly and not. 

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