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In which Hank presents John with the present that Nerdfighteria made for him and tells him about the future of the idea.


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Good morning John. Happy freakin' birthday. And for those of you how are all "Ah! Hank you said you were going to see him on Monday. But cher gonna chu cha chu..." We take each other's birthday Days! Anyone who's watched all 8 million hours of vlogbrothers knows that! It's one of the many ways that we celebrate each other's birthdays. Another one is to ask people to leave comments with happy birthday wishes for John. So yeah, John it's your birthday. And for your birthday I got you a potential end to Moammar Gadafi's reign as dictator of Libya. I also got you an entire coast of America that's pretty embarrassed right now about how freaked out they got about an earthquake that wasn't a big deal. That was about 23,000 times less powerful than the earthquake that hit Japan. So remember that and continue living in a place with not that very many earthquakes 'cause they're freaking scary. I also got you a Liverpool win over Exeter City 3 to 1. That's not bad. Happy Birthday. I also got you a hurricane Irene. I got you a Tim Mcgraw/Faith Hill Barbie Doll set. I got you a new product from the founders of Twitter. This is my present to you John Green, this piece of insight: The world gives us gifts every single day as if everyday is our birthday. Amazing things are created that we can enjoy and love. And that insight is all I'm giving to you for your birthday this year. Ahhh, did you fall for it? Probably not. We, the Nerdfighters, decided to do something for all 366 days of the next year of your life, yes it's a leap year. We created, for you, a 367 day calendar. From August 24, 2011 all the way to August 24, 2012. Every page in this calendar is a design, a thought, an idea, a gift from a different person in Nerdfighteria. So everyday for the entire next year of your life, you will get a message from someone who thinks you're great. This is the first page. I did the first page, and the last page. The last page is actually a bunch of ones that couldn't fit in the calendar. This one. It's a bunch of 'em. So because you should never underestimate Nerdfighteria we ended up having way more of these than we could use. I pretty much figured out that we could do an entire second year. But, we decided that wasn't enough. In the coming months we are going to create enough pages for you to have a page-a-day calendar for the rest of your life. Think about this for a second, there are so many people that like you that you could get a warm wish, a good design, a happy thought, a good idea from a different person for every day for the rest of your life. You're a pretty special dude John Green. I'm headed to Fed Ex right now to send this to you over night so you can have it for August 25. You can see a sneak preview of that one right there. Thank you for being an amazing and awesome person and also that you for offering to take my Friday Day because you got stuff to talk about. So I wont see you on Monday John, I will see you on Friday. I just realized I am wearing the same shirt I was in my last video. That is extremely embarrassing. It's not so embarrassing that I'm going to go change.