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In which Lindsey breaks down our approximate hours making Sexplanations as she talks about Subbable and how you can help us continue our work. UPDATE: Subbable merged with Patreon, so you can support Sexplanations by becoming a sexpla(i)naut here:

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green
Lindsey Doe: Dear Sexplaneteers, creating this video started about two weeks ago, first with an idea, which is usually something I'm enthusiastic about or what leads to something we're going to do in the future.  As with all episodes of Sexplanations, this is followed by making phone calls and writing emails.  I love collaborating and learning from other people I respect about their thoughts on my thoughts.  With clear inspiration and go-ahead, I surround myself with books and snackins and dogs.  The dogs remind me when it's time to pee.  When I sit down to write an episode, I'm reviewing what's already been done on the topic.  Let's be innovative!  And note where I can add something.  In research, this is called the review of literature, and it takes a lot of time.  I'm sorting through web pages, textbooks, journal articles, and lessons from my own education.  I catalogue until saturation, and then I begin writing.  When I do this, I'm thinking about you the whole time.  What haven't you learned, what you deserve to know, and how I can educate and entertain you to leave you feeling empowered, respected, and smarter.  Once I have the frame, I start filling it up, all the things I hope to give you.  Well, all the things I hope we share, because we're posing problems to each other and solving them together.  Even when I don't respond to your comments and messages, I'm listening, well, reading.  You get it.  Next, I triangulate.  I fact check my information with at least two other sources, so that no one thing like me or an author gets all the power in what you learn.  I also do it to challenge confirmation bias and disseminate valid results.  Social science, people!  If it seems I'm not on the right track, then triangulation ends up looking like octalation, no it doesn't, that's a joke, it's still triangulation.  What I talk about needs to be accurate, and it needs to feel right, in here.  Not just here, here, here, and here, but here.  

Alright, so with the right stuff, I organize a script.  This is what I hope to convey when I meet with Nick to do a shoot, here, what we're doing right now!  We set up lights and sound and camera and then he records for 2+ hours with me fumbling and flailing.  Sometimes a truck will park its big, diesel butt in that alley and we'll--

Nick: Cut!

Lindsey: --Other times, it'll go smoothly, but rarely, I'm new to this.  Then, we pack up camera, case, tripod, lights, and Nick's corgi and head to a different location, where he spends time editing to clean things up and remove my snags.  He checks it, he double checks it, I check it, it gets uploaded.  The elder Green brother once said, "One way to do this is if everybody volunteers so the budget is zero."  But it's often impractical.  The thing is, people, particularly grown up people, like to eat and pay rent and stuff.  Those Greens, they aren't whiners about solutions!  Hank, our producer, and John, who I just quoted, created Subbable for channels like Sexplanations, that deserve to exist but don't have stable or strong funding sources.  Subbable is a crowd-sourcing website like Kickstarter for YouTube creators, where anyone who has a Gmail account, which you can easily created, is able to invest in the channels they want to see succeed.  When you poke us, which I've consented to, this happens.  

This is the blank interactive box where you can put the amount of money you'd like Subbable to draw from your bank account each month, or the amount you want to give us on the spot, without an ongoing commitment.  Pie in the face?  No, you didn't pay for that perk yet!  No matter what you get, we wanna give back.  You'll get Sexplanations, and for our subscribers, monthly jokes and outtakes.  Reaching 100% of our goal means we sustain ourselves and keep producing videos.  It also means we stop leeching off of the Hankbank and give back to him, too.  100+ tells us that you want more--more videos, more intensive studio time, even hiring an illustrator.  200% funding and I'm full-time Sexplanations, touring around in a Sexplanations sprinter van, coming to your school, captioning all the videos, responding to all your emails, and the dogs get lots and lots of chew toys.  

(dog barks)  


Just look at that symbol, it's a masturbating heart, giving itself the gift of pleasure!  Isn't that what you do when you subscribe to Sexplanations?  Poke it.  Pay us.  Pass it along.  Uh-uh, not until you pay.   Please?  Click it.  Poke me.  Over there.  Poke it.  Subbable.  Okay, next time, bye!