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In which John discusses a movie he recently saw, fourth-tier English pro football, and the winning charities of the 2013 Project for Awesome.

Rosianna's video from the AFC Wimbledon match:

P4A Winners!

The Harry Potter Alliance:
This Star Won't Go Out:
Not Forgotten:
Save the Children:
Liberty in North Korea:
Childs Play:
The Thirst Project:
Partners for Mental Health:

To Write Love on Her Arms:
The Office of Letters and Light:
The World Food Programme (where Free Rice's money goes):
Feeding America (which works with food banks around the US):
The Wayne Foundation:
Pencils for Kids:
Women for Women International:
First Book:
Doctors without Borders:

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Project for Awesome this year.
John Green: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. Three things:

First, I went to Los Angeles a couple days ago to watch a movie. I don't think I'm allowed to tell you the name of the movie, but I can hint at it. It comes out on June 6, it's funny but then other times it's very very sad, and I really, really loved it. So that's exciting and also a huge relief. I need to change shirts because I match the wall. 

All right, that's better. In a totally unrelated story, everyone should read my book The Fault in Our Stars before the movie adaptation comes out on June 6th. Was I subtle? They said I needed to be subtle.

Secondly, AFC Wimbledon had their first game as a team sponsored by Nerdfighteria.

Rosianna Halse Rojas: I'm an internet kid and I love GIFs and I love Instagram pictures and I love YouTube videos, but there's something really quite cool to the physicality of it. To see those physical boards around a physical pitch designed by physical nerdfighters, some of whom live half a physical world away from me and from the stadium

John: Wimbledon lost the game, but the long arc of history bends towards justice, so we'll be fine.

And lastly, I get to give away some money. So nerdfighters raised more than 860,000 dollars in this year's Project for Awesome. After we pay to make and ship Project for Awesome perks, all the remaining money goes to charities chosen by nerdfighteria; and today I get to announce ten winning charities that each receive 50,000 dollars. 

First the Harry Potter Alliance, which fights inequality and illiteracy and once worked with nerdfighteria to send five airplanes worth of live-saving medical supplies to Haiti after the earthquake there.

Secondly, This Star Won't Go Out, the organization set up in memory Esther Earl that provides direct support to families of kids with cancer.

Then there's Not Forgotten; they house, feed, and educate children in Peru.

And fourth we have Save the Children, which works around the world to fight poverty and disease. 

Fifth, Liberty in North Korea, which is one of those organizations that helpfully puts their mission statement in its name.

Sixth, Child's Play, which provides gaming systems to kids in children's hospital so they can beat me at FIFA.

Seventh and eighth, we have two water charities: The Thirst Project and

Ninth, we have Partners for Mental Health, another one of those organizations that tells you what it does in its name.

And lastly TECHO, which I'm probably mispronouncing, an organization that mobilizes young people, including a group of nerdfighters in Argentina, to build houses for people living in poverty around Latin America.

So Hank, all ten of those organizations will receive 50,000 dollars a piece from the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. Now people are probably wondering "what are they gonna do with the remaining 360,000 dollars, are they gonna spend it all on pizza and corn dogs?" Sadly, no.
Some of that's going to go into producing and shipping, like, the t-shirts and the Women of YouTube calendar. However, most of it will be split among ten more winning charities. They are: To Write Love on Her Arms, The Office of Letters and Light, The World Food Project, Feeding America, The Wayne Foundation, Pencils for Kids, Women for Women International, First Book,, and Doctors Without Borders.

So there you have it, the twenty winning charities from the 2013 Project for Awesome. Our money's going to fight disease and poverty and illiteracy and injustice, and I'm so grateful to everyone who donated and also to everyone who took the time to vote so that we could be good stewards of this money. 

If you want to learn more about these organizations, there are links in the doobly-doo. Thank you again for being part of the Project for Awesome with us. As we say in my hometown, DFTBA. Hank, I'll see you on Friday.