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Videos will be uploaded on December 12th and submitted to!

Here's some information and a few tips.
Hello, the Project for Awesome, it's like a week away!
Our goal this year is to raise over a million dollar; last year we gave away 700,000 to the top 10 charities, getting 50,000 dollars each. 
To meet these goals to give more money to more charity, we need, you, not just to give money, but to work. 
Starting now, if you can, makin' videos. 
Yes, the livestream is gonna be fun.
Yeah, lots of creators have done an amazing perks for the Indiegogo campaign.
But the goal of the project for awesome has always been to get people who like making videos and are good at making video, to make videos about charities. Promoting charities. 
for one day a year you become the ad agency and production house for a non-profit that can't probably afford to have its own. Even if they do have their own, they're not as good as you. And in addition to getting great promotional materials from you there's a chance that you can win them some money.
Here's how that works, on December 12th, 2014, everyone will start uploading their Project for Awesome videos. And they will submit those videos at 
Your goal, is to get people to watch those videos, which of course, age old problem of online video, is hard. And once they do, to get them to go to and vote for the charity that you promoted. You're gonna do that by making them look awesome. The most voted on charities will get a portion of the money raised during this project.
So, your job as the creator is to get people to watch your video, and to vote for your charity.
How do you do that? I have a couple tips, hopefully they will be useful.
One: Time is precious, even during a forty eight hour marathon, which is a long time, forty eight hours. You always want to respect the time of your audience, so pack information in, make it entertaining, and make every second count. There's no reason for your video to be a half-an-hour long if it doesn't have to be a half-an-hour long. There's a reason why most advertisements are 30 seconds.
Speaking of which Number Two: Think of yourself as an advertising executive, how are you gonna get people to drink Coke? That question, has, literal billions of dollars thrown at it, every year. And so they link the brand of Coke with the idea of happiness and joy and like freedom and America. Other brands try and highlight a problem that they're solving for individuals that if you only spend five dollars on this piece of plastic, your life will be better. 
What is the problem that the organization you're promoting is solving.How do they do it better than anyone else? Take a step back and look at it from a million miles away and say like, what is this? Why do we need to do this? How does this make me feel? What do I want people to feel when they're watching this video. I find that really helpful when I'm trying to come up with creative ideas to talk about stuff in general, and particularly, when it's something like charity, especially on project for awesome day, when people are watching lots of these videos, it's nice to try and figure out a way to make it stand out. 
So yeah, Number Three: Try to be different, try to make something that isn't what everyone else is making. Try to make something that surprises people. Thinking creatively about how to frame a problem that we face as a, as a species. What about the mission of the organization or how affective that organization is.
Whether you're writing a song, or doing some sketch comedy, or getting out in the world and acting silly, like, something different, is always good. 
If you can, I know that it's late in the process, you can try and get the charity on board, to give you some resources, to maybe let you into their offices and see how they work. Or if they have a place where they actually do their work, to film that. 
Five: You gotta remember to tell people to go to and vote on your charity. And of course also, to check out the livestream and don't forget to donate at the Indiegogo, which is how the money is gonna come back around, and do some good for a lot of organizations that do amazing things, making the world a better place. 
Thanks to everyone who donates during the project, who does the work to make videos before the project, even if you don't have a ton of time to spend.
We'd love to see as many Project for Awesome videos as possible. 
The project for awesome is my favorite time of the year, thank you all so much for participating, whether you're on the livestream, or you're donating, or you're making videos, we'd love to see as many videos as possible, I'm really excited about mine this year, thank you for participating, and DFTBA.