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The Extras from our Thanksgiving trip to the warehouse.
John: Have you ever seen an advertisement for Don's Guns in Indianapolis?

Hank: No, I don't live in Indianapolis.

J: I know, but you visit some times.

H: And I don't have television either.

J: It's this crazy guy, and at the end, he sells guns, and at the end of the commercial he says: "I don't wanna make any money, I just love to sell guns."

H: (Laughs) It's basically what we're all about.

J: That's how I feel about hoodies. (Laughs)

H: I'm glad you don't feel that way about guns, it would be really weird way to have a relationship.

J: Big announcement, we're, we're stopping our sponsorship with AFC Wimbledon, and instead we're gonna put all of that money into our new gun shop!

H: It's actually, it's gum., yeah gums.

J: Oh, that's a good idea.

H: It's just human gums.

J: Human gums, for sale now.

J: Oh, I get it, we're trying to be kind of silly.

H: Well maybe I'm trying to be kind of silly, and you're...

J: I'm just kind of a sincere person.

H: Well, today you are.

J: No, generally, though. Like, I sincerely, that time that I threw myself against a wall to find out if I was an octopus.

H: It's because you were curious if you were an octopus.

J: Sincere intellectual curiosity.

J: AFC Wimbledon! From the ninth tier, all the way to professional football status again; it only took nine years!

H: Is this the actual scarf that they sell at the store?

J: They sell it at the store, and that's what's on their pants. They've got that on their pants.

H: You can buy this at, 20% off.

H: I'm thankful that your, your son...

J: He's so proud, he's so...

H: Is capable of like, like, high level communication, cause it's so much more fun.

J: It's a huge...

H: Not to say that he wasn't fun before.

J: But it's a lot more fun when he can tell you what he wants and needs and why, and he can explain to you every character from the Skylanders universe.

H: That sounds not fun.

J: I don't know if it's a television show, or a movie. I do know that he has no idea about that universe except from books. I think it's not just a book, I don't know, whatever. What's a Skylander?

H: You've got a sticker book of them.

J: We have a sticker book. We also have the Skylanders universe unencyclopedic encyclopedia.

H: Is that what it's called?

J: No, that's what it's called in my mind. I'm thankful for Skylanders.

H: I'm thankful for this, uh, contraption here. This is a roll of bubble wrap.

J: Oh, it makes packing mugs so much easier...

H: You can take this, and you can just pull it off, and then rip, and then pull, and then rip, and then pull, and then pull, and then rip. (2:11) Oh, I accidentally ripped. We'll use this...

J: We'll pack some Rhett and Link mugs in that.(2:15)

H: You know what else I'm thankful for?

J: What?

H: *Smashes bubble wrap*

J: Aaah! (2:21) You know, bubble wrap is one of those things that feels really good to do, but to everyone else you're doing it around, it's just painful. (2:28) Completely wasted that bubble wrap. If you get a Rhett and Link mug that's broken, and you feel around the bubble wrap and you're like, oh that the time when Hank messed up the bubble wrap for no reason except to annoy John. (2:39)

H: Yeah... It was worth it. (2:41)

J: Most of all Hank, I have to say, that, in all honesty, I'm... Most of all Hank, I have to say, that, in all honesty, like it's been an amazing year for me professionally, with the movie and everything, but I am deeply grateful to you and to nerdfighteria, for like, uh, just kinda still being there for me and everything being relatively normal inside of our little world. Umm thank you for doing that, uh and thanks for, uh, being my brother and everything, I appreciate it. It's really fun to work with you. You're my favorite person to collaborate with, um, and I feel really really lucky to be your brother. Don't touch me! It was nice - I was trying to be nice!

H: I was very nice, I had to diffuse how nice it was - it embarrassed me, it was so nice that I wanted to give you a wet willy.

J: I don't like it when people touch my face.

H: What about the inside of your ear with a wet finger?

J: Oh god... Cara Delevingne did that to me a few days ago literally.

H: *laughing* She wet willied you?!

J: She likes, she likes - when I'm paying really intense attention to the monitors and trying to be a good executive producer- she likes to, eh, throw things at the back of my head, and give me wet willies.

H: It's almost as if I'm paying her to do this.

J: *laughs maniacally* Yes, that sounds-

H: We just set up a PayPal account, and I just-  

J: How does Cara Delevingne- 

H: Just fifteen dollars every time -

J: Yeah.

H: Yeah.

J: How does Cara Delevingne make a living?

H: Yeah?

J: Partly being the cover model for Burberry; partly fifteen bucks a time, throwing things at the back of John's head.

H:*laughs* Well, you know...

J: It's a living!(4:10)

H: I'm grateful for senses, the ability to feel things.

J: Yeah.

H: Both emotionally and physically.

J: I'm kind of grateful for senses, except that one of my senses(4:18) is smell, and your dog farts constantly.

H: She is a fart factory.

J: Oh my goodness! It's like a, eh, it's like she has an actual farting disease.(4:25)

H:No, she, uh, yeah, she has intestinal issues.

J:Yeah, I'm concerned about, uh, um, obviously I want her to be well.

H: We have mostly worked it out. It's better now than it used to be.(4:31)

J: That seems impossible!

H: She used to fart downstairs, and I could smell it upstairs.

J: *laughs*

H: Like in the farthest room in the house away from the dog, I could smell her farts. We come home-

J: I'm thankful-

H: -and I walk in the house and its like, well, well that's what my house smells like I guess.

J: So I'm thankful for like, customer support people who are going to be dealing with this stuff in January and February, and I'm thankful for all the retail workers who just work their butts off today and probably got yelled at a lot for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

H: Yeah.

J: Yeah.

H: *sings* Retail.

J: Ugh, retail is not easy-

H: Yeah

J: -not easy. Be nice to people when you're buying stuff at stores, and also try to be nice to customer service representatives, I know that it's hard because a lot of times- 

H: Right, because they're like representing the bad thing that happened to you.

J: But, they-

H: Didn't do it.

J: They didn't do it, and in fact, like they want to solve, they desperately want to solve your problem.

H: Yeah.

J: I got a call earlier today from the airline about my flight out of Missoula tomorrow, which is looking less and less likely by the moment, and um, the woman was like, I'm calling you about the weather. And I was like, are you calling me to tell me that the weather is great? 

H: *laughs*

J: And she laughed and she said, that's the first time I've laughed all day! And I was like, I'm sorry that you have to deal with bad weather on, uh, Thanksgiving weekend, cause that is probably stressful. 

H: *laughs*

J: Uh, yeah. So try to be nice to be nice to- be nice to customer support people- it's hard, I mean, nobody can do it all of the time. I have to go sign posters now.

H: That's what he does! He comes to Missoula and I'm like, it's really nice to see you- 

J: *laughs*

H: -you wanna come around and see it- 

J: But I-

H: -but really, we're gonna go to the warehouse. 

J: I do wanna sign posters though. Here's the thing, I wanna say that I'm very thankful for the opportunity to sign posters because, you know, I don't have the normal-est brain, and nothing makes my brain feel calmer and happier than signing over and over and over again. 

H: And John did manage to sign quite a lot of posters- he's gone now- he's gone to take care of the children, but I just wanna show some of the ones that he signed. They're on the website, signed, twenty percent off, uh, it's exciting and uh, I think that he enjoyed it. Also, I did some, uh, the ones that John and I did together, were this one *shows poster*, this one *shows poster*, this one *shows poster*, this one there. So those are the only ones that have both of us on it because those were the ones that are just about Vlogbrothers where the rest of them are things that we individually said. 

H: What else is going on interestingly and excitingly at DFTBA here? We have, uh, we switched shirt fabrics this year, so we have a ton of like extra, old-fabric shirts, that we don't/can't sell anymore, so this is *gesturing to shirts* a lot of them, and these are all mystery shirts, you don't know what shirt you're gonna get when you order a mystery shirt, but they are- right now like I think 6 or maybe even 5 dollars. Matthew, do you know how much the mystery shirts are right now? 

M: (from afar) 4.80.

H: 4 dollar and 80 cents, you guys. So if you're getting something else at DFTBA you might as well just throw one of those in the cart. 

H: *gesturing to hoodies* These are some pretty TFiOS hoodies, got the don't forget to be awesome hoodies. 

H: *showing SciShow shirt* Aw, we have SciShow shirts for SciShow fans, and we're just about to- we're doing a pre-order right now, of, uh, of the No Edge shirt, but it glows blue in the dark. 

H: So yeah, John got his glow-in-the-dark shirt, now I'm getting my glow-in-the-dark shirt, it's very exciting *laughs evilly*

H: We're also doing a pre-order of the new feminist shirt in a scoop neck. I asked on twitter, and scoop necks won out over v-necks.

Y: Yeah, *gesturing to all of the racks* there's lot of things. We've got a whole warehouse here full of stuff that you can- you can have- in exchange for money. Thank you, and that's it for the video, okay thanks for watching the out-takes, goodbye.