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In which John takes Hank to ALA Convention and the Printz Award Reception.


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Woman: Good morning Hank. Woman: Hi Hank! Woman: Good morning Hank. Woman: Hi Hank! Helloooo! Woman: Good morning Hank. Woman: Good morning Hank. Man: I can't just say good morning Hank. John: Julie. Julie: Yes? John: Will you say good morning Hank? Julie: I'm gonna make good morning Hank above 700 librarians? John: Will you say, will you just- Julie: Good morning Hank. (in room) Not above 700 librarians, Hank, but along side with them. 700 librarians: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday! That was a pretty great good morning Hank! Hank a lot of great things happened at the American Library Association Conference this weekend and if you're wondering why you're looking at this very strange shot instead of any of those great things, like me hanging out with Judy Blume or me going to a lot of fun parties, it's because I accidentally taped over all that stuff with 30 minutes of this stuff. (inside) GAAAAAHHHHH (hits head) Stupid! Fortunately you will get to listen to me harangue a reader. John: Are you a dumper? Girl: No. John: You're only friends cause he wants you back. Girl: No, it was mutual actually. John: It's never mutual. (in room) In fact, pretty much the only things that I have footage of are: Nerdfighter Cynthia Lord winning the Newberry Honor for her book, Rules. And the Printz Award reception on Monday night. Speaker: When I returned from mid-winter in Seattle, I was urged to check out the Brotherhood 2.0 website. (crowd laughs and applauds) Where John had a video blog of our phone call. It was fun to see his happy dance over the good news. I tuned in again the next day to see John's brother, Hank, toast him with 'here's to silver medals, to not quite doing as good as you did last time?' (in room) Hank, the ALA convention is always fun, but this one was particularly fun because it was so Hank-tastic! Everywhere I went people were like, hey you're Hank Green's brother! And I was like, yeah, I also write books and they were like, right but you're Hank Green's brother! Four different people asked me if I knew your phone number. And I was like, he's my brother. Yes. I know his phone number. And they said, can I have it? And I said, No! People kept telling me how cute you are and how funny you are and how much they like you. So, Hank, if you like young adult literature so much I would encourage you to write so of it, because you're bound to be an instant hit. All the Printz speeches were great, Markus Zusak, Tobin Anderson, Gene Yang, and Sonya Hartnett all were wonderful. I dunno how I did, but here's the funniest snippet, I'll let you judge. John (at awards): People still think of librarians as these shy, retiring, flowers. Whenever I hear someone stereotype a librarian like that, I always counter their story with a true one of my own. This is entirely true. I say that last year, at a librarian conference in New Orleans I learned how hard librarians can party during an evening of casual gambling when I happened across a librarian- passed out drunk, sprawled across the loud carpet of Harrrah's Casino, spilled drink in one hand, and a galley of a promising first novel in the other. (laughter and applause) Hank, I'll see you tomorrow.