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In which Hank just..talks n stuff.
(0:00) Good morning, everyone. It's the 15th day of April, the 14th day of me vlogging everyday in April. This marks pretty much the halfway point. It also marks Tax Day for me. It also marks the day in which Ning announced that they're going to start charging for their services, which is a little bit scary.

(0:13) It is also the day in which my cat did something extremely adorable. Here she is doing it. Oh my goodness! Why is she in there? I opened up this file cabinet to do my taxes and get some paperwork out and I came back from mailing my taxes and the cat was in there! And she's being really cute! And I think it's so adorable! And then, I realized after she gets out that she wasn't being adorable. She was in there shredding stuff. Argargargargarg! I hate paper! Paper! Argargarg! That is a Missoula Independent that featured me. It had a story about me. And now it's been eaten. Luckily, she didn't decide to use it as her litter box.

(0:50) So that's pretty much what's going on. Lemon is feeling much better. I don't think I've talked about this, but she had hookworm, which is something that greyhounds often get, because they live in close quarters with lots of other dogs for a long time, so she had hookworm and we had to get her all fixed up. And she seems to be feeling much, much better now.

(1:06) Today in the New York Times you may have seen this giant roadblock advertisement for Starbucks. Interestingly, EcoGeek is also having that exact same roadblock advertisement. I feel important! Having the same advertisements as the New York Times. It's about a pledge to use reusable bottles and cups and mugs whenever you get a coffee or a drink or stuff. If you go on Earth Day to Starbucks, you'll get a free coffee if you bring a reusable cup. And from now on if you bring a reusable you will always get 10 cents off your beverage. This is actually something that my local coffee shop, my favorite coffee shop in town, has done for years now. I'm very excited that Starbucks is doing it. Though, to be honest, I never go to Starbucks, because there isn't one in Missoula. There was one downtown, but it closed. But it is ridiculous how many trees die in order to become coffee cups and I hope that everyone takes this chance to change your habits.

(1:52) Other than that, I've been very impressed by the stuff coming out of the Truth or Fail fact finders mission. It has been so great! So much good stuff! I did, however, realize that I totally did not do an episode of Truth or Fail this week, so I should probably get on that. I have other stuff on the agenda, you know?

(2:09) And then I've been thinking about VidCon a lot. I've been really trying to learn some lessons from what happened at the Streamys, what happened that went right and what happened that went wrong. I wanna use that experience to make sure that everybody has the best possible time at VidCon. I mean, I just wanna ensure that everyone keeps their pants on, and that it isn't vulgar, and that we all have a good time, and that it is focused on fun, not on audacity. So that is what has been up to. Man, I wish Chad Hurley would be at VidCon! Why would he go to the Streamys and not go to VidCon? He should come to VidCon. Anybody have Chad Hurley's number? I could give him a call. Just ring him on up. He wouldn't have to talk for a long--just like ten minutes--FIVE minutes, five freaking minutes! He could just get up on the stage, talk, leave. That's all I want. Chad Hurley, if you're watching, that's what I want from you. Let's get it done! Okay everybody, I will see you tomorrow.