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A bonus video in which John discusses divided loyalty, football (real), fan-driven projects, the meaning of sports, his weird over-the-top love for Liverpool Football Club, his weird over-the-top love for AFC Wimbledon, and the forthcoming match between the two. Wimbledon/Nerdfighteria scarves:

All the advertising revenue from hankgames goes to AFC Wimbledon:

You can watch the match live at 3 PM eastern on Monday on Fox Sports 1. If you don't have Fox Sports 1 or don't live in the U.S., there are lots of ways to stream it. This is, of course, illegal and I don't recommend it; I'm just saying it's POSSIBLE.

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Gooood morning Hank, it's Sunday. Special bonus video!
So as you know, for the past couple of years Nerdfighteria has been sponsoring AFC Wimbledon, an actual professional soccer team in England. They play in League 2, so called because it is the fourth tier of English soccer, and they're just an amazing club: they're owned by their fans, they were the first football club in England to take a stand against homophobia, and they worked their way up all the way from the bottom of the amateur ranks, the ninth tier of football, to being a full-time professional team. It's an amazing story. (By the way, we pay for the sponsorship by sending AFC Wimbledon all the advertising revenue from our channel hankgames, so called because only John plays games on it.)

Anyway, Hank, this year we were able to increase the size of our sponsorship so we could actually get on their pants. We are on the shorts of the actual AFC Wimbledon uniform! There's even these awesome AFC Wimbledon scarves that have DFTBA on them -- by the way, these are back in stock at, all the royalties go to the club -- and perhaps because they are constantly being reminded by their shorts not to forget to be awesome, AFC Wimbledon have had a great season this year, Hank.

They're twelfth in their league, which sounds bad, but for a club that's owned not by a rich person but by a bunch of regular people, it's excellent. And, in the big nationwide competition known as the F.A. Cup, they have, for the first time, made it to round three, the round when, like, all the big teams enter the competition.

So that means that AFC Wimbledon could have been drawn against Manchester United or Arsenal or Chelsea; they could have made more from one of those games than they make in twenty years of nerdfighter sponsorships. Now, then again, they also could have been drawn against, like, Yeovil Town, so I was very nervous on the Paper Towns set when I was watching the draw come in.

And then, in the middle of a take of the movie, I shouted, "Are you FRENCH THE LLAMA kidding me?!", and thereby ruined the take of the movie, because AFC Wimbledon had been drawn against... Liverpool football club, the team that I have supported for my entire adult life.

Hank, I know this sounds weird to people who don't care about sports, but Liverpool really has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. Hank, as you know, Liverpool is an embarrassingly large part of my life. I mean, Hank, the day both my children came home from the hospital, I showed them Liverpool's Champions League Final victory over AC Milan because I wanted it to be the first thing they ever saw on a screen.
So the football club I love most in the world versus the football club that literally has DFTBA on their shorts. What's a guy to do?
Well, Hank, in my case, fly with the Yeti to London for the game -- in fact, we leave in about two hours.

By the way, Hank, the game is on American television at 3 P.M. Eastern on the cable network Fox Sports One. So you can watch the game and, like, see the nerdfighter advertisements by the side of the field.

If you're a nerdfighter who doesn't care about sports, and your parents just don't understand, this is a great opportunity to connect. They'll be like, "What is this strange cult that you're a part of that sponsors fourth-tier English soccer teams?" and you'll be like, "Ah, that's not even weird. They're also trying to genetically engineer puppy-sized elephants."

As for who I'm going to support, Hank, in the end I -- I looked way down deep into the darkness inside of me at my very core and what I saw there was a guy who really does intensely and irrationally care about the community that is Liverpool football club, but ultimately a guy who just has to root for the team with DFTBA on their shorts.

Like, in some ways, the question is, "What do you care about more, Liverpool or Nerdfighteria, as symbolized in this case by AFC Wimbledon, and then there's no contest! Obviously, Nerdfighteria!"

Augh, but even so, Hank, I do not recommend divided loyalties. It's extremely stressful.

Now, of course, some of you argue that who I choose to support matters nothing to the actual game, and to you I say, " Well yes, but the sport also doesn't matter; it's just a bunch of people trying to kick a ball into a net." We make it meaningful by caring about it. That doesn't just go for sports; it goes for lots of stuff.

OK, Hank, I have to go get on an airplane now so I can spend 14 hours in England. And lastly, I just want to say a special thank you to everyone who watches the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys on hankgames, because you made this possible. As it says on AFC Wimbledon's shorts, don't forget to be awesome.