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Wherein we search for buried treasures.


The Brain Scoop is written and hosted by:
Emily Graslie

Created by:
Hank Green

Written, Directed, Edited, and Scored by:
Michael Aranda

Subtitles by Martina Šafusová, Diana Raynes, João Henrique Diniz, Susy Hovland, Tony Chu, Stella von Randow, Nur Iskandar bin Nuruddin, Linamaria Gallegos Mayorga, Seth Bergenholtz, and John-Alan Pascoe: thank you so much for your continued help!

Hey, guys, my name is Emily. Welcome to the Brain Scoop. Today we're not gonna be scooping brains, we're gonna be scooping the contents out of this stomach that, uh, we collected from the bowels of the wolf that we recently skinned and prepared for the dermestid colony. And this is pretty exciting, 'cause we are really anxious to know what this wolf was eating when it got hit by a car and died. So it's gonna be a fun treasure hunt.

Hey, here we go. So… It's awfully shiny looking, this thing smells pretty bad, too. And... Whoa! This is awesome! There's fur in here. So, alright. So we made an incision. Oh, whoa. What the hell? Ew. Okay. Ugh. Ugh. UAGH! That does not smell very good. Phewww! Alright. Let's see what we got. There's a lot of fur in here. Ew. And it's all... together. It's all like one... Okay, this is interesting. One fur unit. Ew, gross! Ugh. Oh, man. So this stuff is already like partially digested. I don't know what this is. Well, I mean obviously it's fur of some kind of mammal, kind of looks like deer fur, doesn't look like it would belong to a rodent, at least, but it has these holes in it, in the skin tissue. So it's already been digested partially. That's a big piece of skin right there.

Ew. This looks like mostly digested bone or bone marrow.

What-- Ew. What is this? What the-- hell… Oh my god. Oh my god, you guys. What is… That's a thumb. Okay, just kidding, we've put that in there earlier. (Laughter.)

There's dirt in here and there is grass and mostly it's like all this weird digested bone bits. And lots and lots and lots of fur. Ew! Well there's something. This looks like bone shard and this looks like more bone shard. Some shards of bones.

Ewww. There's the stomach lining on one side. So, I'm gonna try and invert this a little bit and see if we can take anything more out. Oh. It still smells awful. I guess-- I don't know. I-- It never occurred to me how much fur these guys would actually be ingesting. Along with everything else that they're eating. I mean that-- it obviously makes sense.

Ew. Lots of grass, more bits of bone. Ew. EW! Well, there's a nail, so it was-- looks like it was eating some kind of foot of a hoofed creature. It looks like deer fur to me. Like a lot and lot of deer fur. And that's really gross. Keratin is, uh, this is what is keratin, it's, you know, just nails. When it gets wet, it smells horrible. And it's all broken down, I mean, this is supposed to be really hard, thick tissue. And obviously it's not anymore. It's been broken down and it's soft and squishy and it's really disgusting.

Here's another big bone shard, seems little bit curved, Ewww, there's another toe. Sick. I mean, they're just swallowing the whole thing, they're not, he's not being picky about any of it, he's just… Maybe that also tells you something about the hierarchy of this wolf, if he's not eating the choice parts, if he's eating the feet. That tell you anything interesting about where he is in the wolf status quo.

Oh, here's a big one! That's awesome. Hey, this looks like fibula. Kind of.

Emily: Hey curator, come here.

Dave (curator): Let's see.

Emily: What is it?

Dave: That looks like part of a toe bone.

Emily: Does it?

Dave: That proximal end of one of the toe bones. That would be my first guess without comparing, but that's what it looks like.

Emily: That's pretty cool.

Dave: It's like it's got some tooth-marks on it, too.

Emily: Really? Oh, crazy! Yeah. That's cool. They're kinda hard to see, but, um, they're there. This one's kinda cool, too, what about that one?

Dave: Oh, yeah, that's definitely part of the toe, that's the other end of the toe bone.

Emily: Ew. Do you wanna feel this? Just feel this stuff.

Dave: I'd love to!

Emily: Yeah, go for it! Mmmm, yummy. It's really nasty.

Dave: Hey, another bone.

Emily: Hey, what is it?

Dave: I don't know. 

Emily: I think you can summarize our experience: "What is this bone?" "I don't know!" Hey, why does it do this? Is this another part of the stomach? It has this gap right there? Is this...

Dave: I bet that's where it's either leading into the stomach or leading out of the stomach. Yeah.

Emily: Oh. Ew. EW. Yeah, these looks like they've been more broken down. I would guesstimate that it was leading out of the stomach. It's safe to say that this wolf ate a deer sometime relatively soon before it died. Ew, look at that, look at all that texture.

Dave: Ew!

Emily: That is crazy! Looks like brain, almost.

Dave: Scoop it!

(Outro and Credits)

...It still has brains on it.