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Looking for ways to be smart with money? Here are the best budgeting apps you may not have heard of. Want to use apps to improve other parts of your life? Check out this video:













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Chelsea: Hi, I'm Chelsea

Lauren: and I'm Lauren

Together: and we are the Financial Diet.

C: And today we want to talk about a really easy way to, kind of, take control over all different areas of your finances. When it comes to getting financially healthy, it's really easy to think of things in terms of, like, stuff that's super long term, or requires you to have a high income, or requires you to have a bunch of money to start with. But that's not the case. Getting financially healthy is a snowball effect, but you don't need a bunch of money already to start that snowball. 

L: And, a good to start your snowball is using something that most of us already have, which is a smartphone. Regardless of your current income, job situation, or budget you can use technology to make the most out of what you already have.

C: And to help you make the most what you already have, we rounded up ten of our favorite money apps that you may not have heard of. These apps cover everything from saving more to day-to-day budget to student loans to how to earn a little extra cash. 

L: So these are our ten favorite money apps, other than the big players, like Mint and You Need a Budget, which we also love.

C: We also love them and will include a link in the description, but you probably have already heard of those.

 Pocket Guard(0:58)

C: Number one is Pocket Guard. Now this is a budget app that's great for just giving you a financial overview, it connects to your bank accounts and basically shows you what you're up to. It also analyzes your spending habits, so it can help you plan for certain things, spend a little less on certain things and change your budget around. 


L: Number two is Split-Wise. So this is the perfect app for splitting bills and figuring out what everyone owes when you go out with your friends.

C: And Thwarting your cheap friends, who are like "I'm not paying for those calamari because I only had two."

L: So, this app is really a must have for friends who go out with each other often, and it's really going to keep you guys from killing each other, or ripping your hair out because you're bitter about someone owing you money. 

C: Apps like this are really essential if you're going on a trip with friends because that's a recipe for financial disaster. 


C: Number three is Slice. So, if you're like me and kind of a big online shopper definitely get slice. This app allows you to track and manage all of your online purchases. And it even send you things like notifications when your package ships so you can make sure to be home at the right time.

L: And even though this app won't save you money, it's a really useful platform to show how much you're spending on online purchases. 

C: Good to keep yourself accountable, especially when it's painful to look at.

 Every Dollar(2:03)

L: Number four is Every Dollar. So, for those of you who are interested in Dave Ramsey,the personal finance guru, this is actually an app that he developed. It's based on his approach to personal finance, which is the envelope system and the baby step system. It allows you to get better with money in small baby step, hence the name. Obviously if you use that approach you'll get more out of the app, but you don't have to.

 Student Loan Hero (2:23)

C: Number Five is Student Loan Hero. So we've mentioned Student Loan Hero before, and full disclosure we work with them over at TFD, but we used and loved the app even before that, and we can't recommend it enough.

L: And just for even more full disclosure, we're actually not getting paid to say this. 

C: So, basically think of Student Loan Hero like Mint for your student loans. It gives you plenty of tools and calculators, day-to-day management, and even refinancing options. If you have student loans, this is the perfect app to make the most of them.

 Red Laser (2:48)

L: Number six is Red Laser. So this is an awesome app, that allows you to do a price comparison when you're out shopping, to make sure that you're getting the best possible deal. 

 Chegg (2:57)

C: Number seven is Chegg. This is an app that's fantastic for students because it allows you to buy, rent and sell textbooks at the best possible offers.

L: I actually used Chegg in college so, Lauren's seal of approval.

C: And, actually there several great apps that allow students to make money back off the books they have to use anyway, and we'll link out to a few more in the description.

 Home Budget (3:15)

L: So number eight is Home Budget. So, this is a great app to keep yourself on budget and it can be shared with your roommates or even your significant other. Sharing financial details about what you're spending and where you're spending allows multiple people be on the same page.

C: As anyone who's fought with a roommate over who bought the cereal knows, everyone can use an app like this.

L: And it's also a great way to exercise financial transparency.

 Acorns (3:37)

C: Number nine is Acorns. Now, we all that we've talked about Acorns before on this channel, but that's because it is a truly awesome app. Basically Acorns just tale your card transactions, rounds them up to the highest dollar and puts that spare change into a low-cost investment account. It's a super-easy, low-cost way to get started in investment, and there's also options to invest larger sums directly from your accounts.

 Retail Me Not (3:59)

L: Number ten is Retail Me Not. This is the best app to show you whether or not there's a coupon offer when you're making purchases at your favorite stores. According to their website they have thousands of deals on over 50,000 retailers. The app is really straightforward, really easy to use and has a pretty beautiful interface.

 Conclusion (4:16)

C: So, those are just some of our favorite money apps, but we want to hear more about your favorite apps that we might not have heard of, so that we can all get better with money together. 

L: So, as always, thank you for watching and don't forget to hit the subscribe button and go to for more.

Together: Bye!