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In which Hank rambles, says thanks, talks about posters, The Cheat, pennies, duct tape, portal 2...just rambling.


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Good morning John; it's Friday, April 22nd. So, I made a video for today, uh, and it's all ready, it's all edited, it's ready to go. Due to circumstances beyond my control, which I cannot explain to you at this very moment, I cannot put that video online. So now, I have to make another video. Gyeahh. So since my planned video for today kind of fell through, now I have to make a video in the old school way. The way that I used to do it where I just, uh, talk to the camera-- hi! This is a prop for the video that was supposed to go online today - it's a hundred pennies in a cup. And this is a prop from my nerd jokes video - it was around the lens. I don't actually keep my duct tape there. Maybe I should - uh, it's a place to keep it! Less clutter. Speaking of props, astute Nerdfighters who watch every one of my videos - thank you very much for doing that - have recently noticed that my posters, uh, the one that's right there, seems to keep changing. And that is correct, I've been doing that for a while now, where I rotate through posters because I feel like, you know that's a space that I can do interesting stuff with. And that is the map of the Realm of Narnia. Speaking of good Nerdfighters who I appreciate greatly, if you've been around since the rap of the melm of-- rap of the melm. If you've been around since the map of the Realm of Narnia days, uh, I am amazed. If you don't know what I'm talking about... "I love... that, right there, you see it? That's a map of the Realm of Narnia." Good Lord. I just went and watched that whole video. That was January 5th, that was like my, my third video ever on YouTube. Wow. And that, uh, co-starred with me! I recently discovered, it was made in 1972! It's very- it's pretty old! And so I went online... that thing sells on eBay for like 80 to 100 dollars. And it's not like I haven't been fond of the map of the Realm of Narnia, but knowing that it's worth 80 bucks, bound to be a little more careful with it in the future. So anyways, posters, I've decided that I want more posters in my life, so I'm going to do a rotation. Every video, new poster there. And the first comment that tells me what that poster is of, uh, you will get... nothing. DFTBA Records has not, to this point, done posters, but I am obviously a fan of posters. So I want to do posters, but we need some good poster designs. So I'm going to be looking into that. Ideas for good poster designs in the comments please. I have a tiny The Cheat, also I got him along with my Strong Bad poster-- why is my chair doing this? [sped up talking] Finally stopped. I'm dizzy. I should show you, my feet aren't touching the ground. Leg-crossing is one of my only stupid human tricks. I can get into a full lotus without- without touching my hands. And now you've seen my feet. Uh, they're big, and not very attractive. Hiii! John, we've been doing this for a long time; when I went back to check out the Narnia video, it really sort of hit home. Also, the amount of amazing stuff that has happened to us. And that we have been able to accomplish because of this. This, for example, like this is not something that I could've done without - why did my door just open? If I had had this idea, and I didn't have Nerdfighteria to sort of as a launching platform for it, I couldn't have done anything with it. Nerdfighteria is there to support me and the hare-brained schemes that I have. And it's everything from that to, like, me humping stuff on Tumblr - yes, I know I didn't mention it in my last video, but don't worry, I was impressed. And then you have more serious stuff, like the Project For Awesome and the fact that I was able to go to Haiti to examine the work that non-profit organizations are doing there. I sit here in this chair and I make videos - I can't express how thankful I am for that, and this probably should be, like, the video that I make when we get 500,000 subscribers, when I'm like "oh, thank you all," but I don't need a special occasion. So somehow, this video turned into a thank you video. I would also like to thank ticky-tacky, for helping to affix my posters to the walls. Uh, 3M is not sponsoring this video. You may have noticed, we don't do much in the way of sponsored videos. Why do I need to do sponsored videos when I have my own things to sell? Speaking of my own things to sell, these are available on Amazon, I- I know not everybody has a Paypal account or wants a Paypal account, so now you can buy them on Amazon. Portal 2 is going well, I just uploaded the second episode, uh, sorry it took me so long to get it online, but MAN IS IT FUN! John, thank you as well; I hope you're having a great time in Amsterdam, and I will see you on Monday. End screen time! I just wanted to show you this picture I just found of John Green, uh, this was when I was in college, so he was just out of college, and this is my dorm room in college. We had a dartboard - that is the dart, John is throwing it - and he's super freakin' skinny!