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GIFT SURVIVAL GUIDE! Holiday / Christmas gift ideas, cool & cheap & last-minute gift ideas, who you should buy presents for in the first place, and just how the heck much money you should spend!

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Hey! So giving gifts on the holiday season can be a surprisingly stressful event, so here are a few tips to help you survive. Now, of course, choosing the gifts can be the hardest parts and for me, it always kinda helps to ask a few questions.

There are some old stand-bys, for instance, What in my budget can I get the giftee that they will want or need? Some careful listening throughout the year can help in this regard, as can secret questions to those close to the giftee.

But another good question is, What is the message I want to give to this person, and what gift can help me get that across? You want to make sure you err on the side of caution and tactfulness, of course. Like, you might really want to help your friend get into shape, but if you drop a sudden P90X bomb on them Christmas morning.... That could come across as, like, unintentionally judgmental, which, is not what you want, you just want them to get... buff.

Sometimes it can really help to have a conversation [in advance] between you and the giftee, just so they really understand your positive intentions. It might take away some or all of the surprise but it lets them know that you care and as they say it's the thought that counts.

Some other quick gift-giving tips, remember that certain objects to carry symbolic significance in other cultures, consider how the recipient is going to get the gift home, like, if they have to get on a plane, maybe not fireworks.

Finally, especially for clothing, remember to give a gift receipt. As for how much to spend, well, there is no legally mandated guidelines and it will vary, of course, depending on the kind of relationship you have. We will link to a Lifehacker article that actually has a formula to decide how much you should spend, but in general, remember, the person you're giving the gift to probably doesn't want you to go into debt just to get them that sweet new hoverboard.

It's been said before, but it's so true, homemade and sentimental gifts can be some of the most memorable. If money is an issue, just writing a thoughtful letter or creating a drawing or story based on your favorite experiences with that person can be wonderful. Those are some of the best things I've gotten ever, and when my wife and I didn't have any money that was basically what we got each other and I loved it. I loved it! I loved it.

So who do you actually get the gifts for? Well, obviously, there are the usual suspects, friends and family. In general, if your friends have kids, you don't have to feel obligated necessarily to get them something, but if you want to get involved in their lives, just get them something small that — that's totally cool.

If you have holiday house guests, especially if their name is T. Michael Martin, I would recommend putting a little something beneath the tree... Money's a little something, physically.

Giving around the office can get a little more complicated. A lot of times employees will create a pool for the boss. If there is no pool, it might be a good idea to give your boss something small and homemade, like cookies, and of course, there could be a co-worker gift exchange.

Normally these will come with a budget cap and an assigned person to get a gift for. Personalized decorative office supplies are a great idea, anything that can make the work day feel special for them. Gift cards are a good stand-by, especially if you do a little something with the presentation, it just makes it more fun. It just does.

If there is no gift exchange in the office and you would like to still exchange gifts with a few of your friends, just make sure you do that in private, cuz you don't wanna hurt everybody's feelings.

Some other giftees to consider: teachers, clergy, maybe someone who is hosting a party that includes a meal. Once you have purchased a gift, make sure to give it a good presentation, some simple wrapping is best.

If you have received a gift from afar, be sure to let the person who sent it know in a timely matter. If you received a gift in person, be sure to give a sincere verbal thank you to the person who gave it. Even if you don't love the gift, you can still thank them for their thoughtfulness and kindness in giving it to you.

Finally, it never hurts to send a thank you note, a good rule of thumb is to get this sent by new years.

Now, you will sometimes get a gift that doesn't suit your taste or needs. It's perfectly acceptable to exchange clothing that does not fit or duplicate items that you won't use. However, if you didn't receive a receipt from the giver, be sure to use your best judgement in asking for one.

Some stores do allow non-receipted items to be returned or exchanged, but if you can't exchange it and you're thinking about re-gifting, here are a couple guidelines: Make sure the new recipient will like it, that it is in presentable condition, and that the original gifter will not find out. It's just human nature, our feelings wanna get hurt, that's called life. That's called life.

Ultimately, there are no absolute laws on gift-giving of course, so remember just to have fun.

And that is all we've got for you today. If you guys have any gift-giving tips, please let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, just the other night, I was wrapping your gift right by the fireplace and, uh, all of a sudden Emma just burst through the window and she screams, "Catch phrase roasting on an open fire!" And she grabs it and she just throws it into the flames, and what am I supposed to do? I spent everything on that!

In all seriousness though, thank you guys so much for giving us the gift of your time, and you've made this an awesome year for us, I hope you have happy holidays and I love you bye mwah!