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Happy Pizzamas! Shop now at or at the PIZZAMAS APP?! All our proceeds will go to support PIH's work, with an emphasis on tuberculosis treatment and diagnosis.
In which John celebrates the beginning of Pizzamas 2023 with a classic unboxing of a truly wondrous and absurd variety of Pizza John-related items.

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Oh yeah, that-that-that's a mustache, which could only mean one thing. Good morning, Hank, it's Monday! It's Pizzamas! 

I don't really know how to change up the vibe from our community lowers the price of life-saving tuberculosis tests to Pizzamas, where we make videos back and forth every day like it was 2007 all over again while celebrating the seven minutes in 2008 when I had a mustache, but we're doing it. But of course, Pizzamas isn't just about my occasional mustache and constant love for pizza, it's also about e-commerce. And inside of this box is all of this year's Pizzamas magic which I have not seen yet. So every year, all of our proceeds go to charity because you know of course we can't live with ourselves profiting from Pizzamas, but this year, the money raised is going to be focused around tuberculosis. We've done a great job of lowering the cost of diagnostics and treatments, but now we need to get those diagnostics and treatments to more people. So that's what we're raising money for this year.

We're gonna start with the T-shirt. [Laughing] I love it so much. So this is a Pizza John collab with Drawfee, and I love it. Look at that, it's so great. Okay, what's next.

I mean I just absolutely love this. I love my face in it. Look at my enthusiasm for pizza. It's so real.

[Laughing] Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! I just love the T-shirts so much every year. How-how did this happen? How did Pizzamas occur? What-what is my life?

It's my dream Hank, it's my dream to one day be not just a postage stamp, but a Pizza John postage stamp.

Alright, I only have a couple more shirts to share with you this year. Look at this one. Ugh, magnificent. Look at me. Oh, I should add that all of these shirts and indeed all of the pizza stuff is only available during Pizzamas. You can only get it for the next two weeks and then it disappears forever. or our new Pizzamas app on your local app store.

Alright this is the last- [Laughing] this is the last shirt of the year and [Laughing] Look at me up in the corner as a baby, but I still got a mustache. [Laughing] Oh boy. I, um, I don't know what to say about this development except to say that it's-it's a-it's a major work of art.

But of course Hank, it doesn't and can't end with t-shirts, Oh no. No no no. It has to include a phenomenal Pizza John holiday sweater. Oh yeah, I mean look at this. This is just excellent.

You may remember that a few years ago we made this Pizza John blanket which is super comfortable and I love it so much, but this one is also super comfortable and I think I love it even more.

You have to be shitting me. It's Chizza John. A John that grows its own hair in the form of plants. This one you can only buy in the United States because it has seeds. [Laughing]

Alright, this is one I'm really excited about. It's Pizza John's Hot Sauce. Now I'm not legally allowed to sell the hot sauce that I make with my mom 'cause it's not made in a commercial kitchen, but this tastes pretty much like it. This is also only available in the United States 'cause it's like technically food or whatever, but highly recommended.

Oh, we've got a mug printed in Missoula that changes color when you pour hot liquid into it. I'm not telling you what color it change-I'm not gonna ruin the surprise.

This is a Pizza John bath bomb. Fortunately, it does not smell like pizza, but do you know what does smell like? Like so much like? Dr Pepper. Leave the dream, turn your bath into Dr Pepper,

We've also got this badass oven mitt.

You have to be kidding me. This cannot be real. It's a real neon sign. That's right, Hank, it's a fully functioning Pizza John's neon sign.

We've also got lots of different stickers and bumper stickers this year from the charming and funny to the exceptionally creepy. There's also so much other Pizzamas stuff this year. A pizza slicer, earrings, there's a stereogram poster—one of those posters where when you unfocus your eyes, a new image appears. You'll never guess what the image is-actually you will guess on the first try.

Hank, Nerdfighteria, what a joy it has been to go through my eras with you. Hank, I'll see you tomorrow for more Pizzamas and potentially, for your first ever mustache? Like, I think we're all curious which way it's gonna go. We know something's going to happen with the facial hair tomorrow, but everybody is waiting with bated breath to find out exactly what.