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From flashing lights in mice brains to mid-poo strolls, we've got another brain tingling episode of HFS for you!



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[Intro Music]

Brit Garner: So I think for fecal transplants, it is as disgusting as it sounds. 

Hank Green: It's not that disgusting!

Caitlin Hofmeister: I think it sounds awesome.

Brit: You're right, which makes it not as disgusting.

Hank: Yeah, it's not like I'm eating the poop, you're putting it where poop goes.

Caitlin: Yeah.

Brit: Yeah. Well, but for some people, that simply is totally disgusting.


Brit: What's like the thing that people always cite about being gross about birth?

Hank: Pooping. Pooping. Poops.

Caitlin: That poop. I just learned about that, because our director Lou, after Hank had a baby, he was like, "Welcome to the--" What was the name of that poop?

Lou: [distantly] meconium club.

Hank: Meconium club.

Caitlin: Welcome to the meconium club.

Hank: That's a separate poop.

Caitlin: Oh!

Hank: That's when the baby poops inside, and that's actually sterile poop.

Brit: I was like [head gestures]. Yeah. Yeah. So...

Hank: But the momma also tends to poop during the birth. Like 98 percent of the time. Yeah.

Caitlin: I would imagine so, yeah.

Brit: Right, but imagine how important that is. You just said the words, baby which is sterile, mmm.

Hank: Yeah. Yeah. And then you-- there's also like--

Brit: How the hell do they establish it?

Hank: Yeah.

Brit: So that's like the coolest thing to me, when people are like, "oh gross. You poop when you have birth." And, I'm like "yeah, and establish and entire damn ecosystem. What up!?"

Michael Aranda: What!

Brit: Yeah, so that's whats up. Yeah.


Brit: So

Hank: So, what I'm hearing is poop on your babies.

Brit: Yeah. Hands down, I could not have said it better. That is for sure what I'm trying to advocate here, so.

Hank: There's also a whole microflora system in the birth canal as well, as we might call it, the vagina.

Brit: Yes. Well, some have said.


Hank: And that, that-- they've found that, like, that like c-sections versus vaginal birth actually affects the gut microbiomes of children.

Caitlin: No!

Brit: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes and yes. Because, of thinking about passing through, you are basically, by cutting here, [Hank: Yeah] removing and surgically being like, ew [Hank: With all the sterile, yeah] and let's make sure this is sterile, you have screwed the set up of that start, you know.

Hank: I mean, but-- the weird thing is though, like--

Brit: So, but they, they pick it up exogenously eventually.

Hank: Yeah, they get it. But, the question is, when the baby comes out are you like, do you just rub it on some stuff?

Brit: Please don't, no.

Caitlin: I mean-- I mean--

Brit: The birth alone should do it. Don't rub the baby with poop.

Hank: Well, but if it's a c-section.

Brit: Oh, I was like--

Caitlin: Oh, but I mean, you do, like, you're like, hello baby, and like rub your face all over it.

Hank: Yeah, you get to--

Brit: Yeah, there's still-- I mean, poop shouldn't be on your face when you go to do that. I could be.

Caitlin: I mean, you're kind of gross.

Brit: [Laughing] You're kind of gross.