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Hank: Ya know, I am going to be honest with you, I just filmed and entire video with a booger hanging out of my nose. I'm doing it again.


Sitting in Indianapolis, basking in the after glow of a nerdfighter event, watching election returns. It's too early to say anything so I am not going to say anything. What I am going to say is that I hate election night. I would really like to be able to sleep right now. Watching an election is like watching a football game that you really care about.

Except that one: It's not that interesting. The score changes but nothing ever happens... you never get to see Warwick Dunn do a back flip over the refrigerator, you never get to see the amazing visceral strength of well trained, well oiled young men, patting each other in the behinds. This isn't coming out the way I wanted it to sound. We don't get to see that here, except we get to be annoyed...and scared. And two: the winner doesn't have direct implications of the future of the entire world.

John: Oh hello there Hank, how are you today?

Hank: Hi John. What are you talking about?

John: I am talking to Dad about the fact that Elizabeth Dole no longer has a job thanks to Dad...

Hank: Yeah Dad, for not voting for Elizabeth Dole.

John: ...and Mom.

Hank: And Mom.

John: Hank, let's not be partisan... we just don't like Elizabeth Dole. I am wearing my Montana Griz shirt because it resulted in the election of seven-fingered Jon Tester in 2006.

Hank: He hangs loose 100% of the time. So here I am annoyed and scared in Indianapolis and you know what else I am? Frickin' tired. The Tour de Nerdfighting has been absolutely fantastic but it hasn't included a lot of sleeping.

I hope all of you who are 18 or older voted today, because obviously this is a historic day. The elections are going well and John Green isn't vomiting. John Green is not vomiting.

I did want to say one little thing. Yesterday in John's video he said that that my CD would only be available on the Tour de Nerdfighting and that is not entirely true. It is only currently available on the Tour de Nerdfighting. After we get off the tour we will set up a shipping apparatus thing so we can sell them online and ship them out hopefully in early December.

Say high to the nerdfighters. Hi...look, I've got a Willy. Hi, hi. Say hi... Hiiiiii. Oh oh oh so much licking.I mean we're not political here on the nerdfighters are we Willy? But sometimes you just have to show your true colors.

I think I am just going to upload this and then maybe there will we a special update. A little bit later so that we can come to you with any news that might be actually official. So John I will see you in like 30 seconds or so and John you will see John on the way to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow.