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Huckleberry the beaver joins Jessi for an unboxing of fan mail! Lots of great gifts and plenty of silliness ensues.

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Animal Wonders. I'm Jessi and this is Huckleberry, the beaver. We had some boxes arrive in the mail, and it's exciting because they're not packages from our Amazon wishlist, so whatever's inside is a complete mystery to us.


Let's start with our first one. "Dear Animal Wonders, my name is Quinn, I'm nine years old. I've been watching your videos for a few months now, and I've made a few things for the animals. From Quinn". Oh my gosh! I'm so excited, thank you Quinn.

Hi, bud! What do you think? Look at this letter. It's from Quinn. Can you read that?

Oh my goodness. This looks amazing. Quinn, you made all of this! Look, this is a hanging feeder. It says it right there. We've got to hang it right here. And we gotta put treats in here and the animals go in there. That's amazing! And we have some drawings! These look like the ginea pigs! And this looks like Loki the water dragon, a lizard on a branch. Oh my gosh, look how cute their little faces are.

And we have one more cute little thing here. Those are cute little bobbles. Ophelia the opposum would really enjoy playing with these little bobblers. That's really cute! Thank you so much Quinn. Awesome. 

Let's move to our second one. "Hi, our nine year old twins, Addie and Hazel, love your videos. They made these toys for your animals. We hope they're useful."

Look at all these toys, Huckleberry! These are some toys that you could play with. Look at this. And I love these. These are great to hang from branches, especially for like Mimi, the monkey. We can strap these up on some of her hanging structures, and then she can climb down them.

 (02:00) to (04:00)

She's very- you like it Huckleberry? She's very, very good at climbing and holding onto a bunch of different things, um, so that would be something that would be really good for her. They're so soft. We can even hang them like this and create little loops.

What do you think, Huckleberry? Do you want to wear one? There. So pretty! Alright, you enjoy that. There are lots more of these little foraging balls. We can put some food inside of there and sugar gliders can rip them apart. That is going to be very useful.

And there's just- look at this! There are so many of these braided fleece ropes. And these are perfect. If an animal does get their little foot in there, they're so soft and so flexible and stretchy that they're not gonna hurt themselves by getting caught on it. Did that fall off you? Thank you so much for sending this awesome package full of goodies.

On to our next one from Cecily the human and Saphire the budgie. "Hi I'm Cecily and I'm 10. All toys are handmade." Oh! And it says they're for Zeema. Let's take a look at them. Oh my goodness!

This is gonna be so fun! I like that you made it out of a really durable material here, so that she cannot break it, and I think she's gonna really like this stick. She likes going after and biting long things. And it has little pieces she'll be able to pull off too. So thank you so much Cecily this way awesome.

Alright buddy, you ready? This one also says 'open on camera'. "Dear Animal Wonders, I love to learn about animals, so I love to watch your videos. I have a hamster, a cat, and fish that are my pets. I made these toys for all the animals in the romping room. I have a question. Do you have any hamsters? If you do, I would love to see a care video. I love all your animals, but I like the romping room animals the most. From, Abby."

Abby thank you so much for sending these. Look at these cute little bundles of sticks. I will give these to the Patagonian cabbies, Chili Pepper and Cayenne, and the guinea pigs and even the chinchillas.

 (04:00) to (06:00)

 Abby' box (4:00)

And even the chinchillas they're out in the romping room aswell. So thank you so much for the gift and your question was, do we have any hamsters? We do not have any hamsters at Animal Wonders, I did use to have some as pets. Um and they make wonderful pets if you know how to take care of them properly.

 Flora's box (4:16)

Alright! Let's move on to our next one. This is a good one. Are you gonna go in there and check that out? (laughs) Dear Animal Wonders, my name is Flora and I am eleven (11) years old.

I hope you like what I sent you I made all of it by hand. When I grow up I want to help give animals good lives and help teach people about them, just like you. Your videos always put a smile on my face even on days I'm not feeling well.

Thank you for all you do, love Flora the human, Luna the borrder(?~4:46) collie, Sammy and Dolly the cats, and Juniper and Aspen the rats. P.s. Please tell steve Hi for me, and also please open on camara.

Thank you so much Flora! Let's go ahead and take a look at this. These are great look at this stitching you did on the sides of this!

And we have three of these blankets. These are going to be great, you know um Ophelia the Opossum really likes blankets like this. Gaia the armadillo(?~5:10) really likes to curl up in blankets like this and also Chilli Pepper and Cayenne love to lay on blankets as well.

So these are gonna be used very, very much, thank you so much.

 Noelle's box (5:20)

Huckleberry has decided to go inside and swim in his pool for a while, which is totally fine we're gonna let him do that but I'm gonna keep opening gifts. Hi Animal Wonders I'm Noelle and I'm seven (7) years old. I love your videos. Everyday I watch them!

In this box are some things for the foxes! Oo fun, we can (laughs) We can always use TP rolls.. Um these are.. these are.

Look its labled! I was just gonna say, this is a Fortune toy! But you labled it Noelle, you knew exactly what to do.

So what we would do to forage with these is we would fold this one end like this, and then you put the treats inside and then you fold that, like that.

 (06:00) to (08:00)

 Noelle's box (6:02)

And then you have a little, like, present full of treats, and the animal has to figure out how to either reach their little foot in there, pull this open , like this or use their teeth to rip it apart. So they are very very useful. Thank you so much! And look at these! (gasps) Oh these are AWESOME!

Alright so the foxes love to rip these toys apart. THey love playing tug o' war with them, they just like chewing on them, so these are perfect. I think these are dog toys, but the foxes, I mean they are very simmilar to dogs.

Look at that, oh these are cute (laughs) So the foxes are going to love them, thank you so much Noelle.

 Paulina's box (6:40)

Alright! And we have a couple more here. Hello my name is Paulina, I'm ten years old and I'm from Chicago. I really love animals and I want to help them.

Now I have three pets, they are a dog, a parrot, and a snail. I watched a lot of videos where people donate stuff to the Animal Wonders so I decided to donate some too. I hope that your animals will love my presents.

Love Paulina and her pets. Alright let's look at all this wonderful stuff in here. This is an amazing parrot toy!

You can put treats in there sometimes they just love ripping it apart. I love the natural, um, material that its made out of, and these are just really fun to rip and pull apart. So this is a perfect parrot toy.

Same with this! Look at that! Great gifts.

And we have these little treats. I call these cookies and we give them to the (?~7:35) Padigonian cavvies. They're not real cookies they don't have sugar in them they are made out of grass and other kinds of grains.

So they're a healthy snack for the Padigonian Cavvies. This is an awesome, like, gift bag it just keeps giving and giving and giving. Thank you so much for the donation.

 Leah's box (7:50)

Alright we are almost through all of the gifts. Dear Jessie, I love the videos you make. My favorite animals are Cheeks the rabbit, Chilli Pepper the Padigonian Cavvie, the sugar gliders, Ash and the guinea pigs. 

 (08:00) to (10:00)

I am almost seven, my name is Leah, and I live in Kansas.

And I have watched ALL of your videos. I hope you can use these.

Love Leah. Awesome! Alright let's see, this is...

You packed this really well. Got some tissues here. You know what?

We can use the tissues to stuff the animals' toys, and then we can use the box as a foraging toy! Because I always like to be able to use the box as well. All these are great, great chewing toys.

So, Cheeks love to chew on them, and so do the chinchillas and the Patagonian cavies, so Chili Pepper will absolutely love to destroy those. And... we got some timothy hay, so chinchillas, guinea pigs, and the cavies... they eat this stuff all day long. And we have another very soft blanket.

Look at that one! Thank you so much, Leah, for the fun toys and the cozy blankets. Alright, we have another one here.

Gotta be careful with this one, it's packed really good. Oh hello, Huckleberry, are you going in your hut? This is from Amanda, thank you Amanda, and if you've seen an unboxing video before, you know that we get critical care, and I get really excited about critical care because, it is so helpful to make sure the animals are staying regular.

We give this to any rabbit that starts having issues with eating if they're feeling a little bit sick, it goes to Chili Pepper as well, and it can go to any herbivore that just has a little stomach upset or something like that. Or help that we need to help them keep some weight on them, so critical care is so important and we use it every day multiple times for multiple animals, so thank you so much Amanda. Huckleberry, did you just go back in your crate over there?

Hey buddy, you wanna come join again? Let's go ahead and open this package. Dear Animal Wonders, I love your channel.

 (10:00) to (12:00)

and I'm nine and I live both in Shelter Island Heights and in New York City, Manhattan. I don't have any pets, but I might get a bird and some fish.
I hope the animals enjoy these toys from Alessandra, they are all handmade.
Look at all these pictures you drew of the animals!
Those are amazing drawings.
Hey buddy, look at all this good stuff in here.
Do you see it?
What's in there buddy?
There's some good stuff.
Here, let's pull this out and see what this is.
It says "Welcome". Oh my gosh it's a little animal home!
Oh cute!
It looks like there's a little bed in there, and the windows on the side, Alessandra this is awesome!
Huckleberry is enjoying it too, look at this!
There's some fun chew toys, these are always fun chew toys, we can hang that for the birds to play with.
And this is another little house in here, look at all the cute little stuff inside, it's a foraging box!
So we can put food in there and then the animals can search for their little treats inside there, we can hang it.
You found some good stuff?
You're gonna go in there all the way!
Oh my goodness, this is like a little smell, smelling toy, and...
Huckleberry I can't see, your head is in the way, you're loving that, you're loving it aren't you?
Thank you Alessandra for the awesome, very thoughtful gifts. 
Huckleberry's a big fan. Now he's sitting on it.
We have one more package here that I'd like to open, so
Hi Animal Wonders, we love your animals. 
We just got a puppy. I hope the animals like what we got them, from Jules and Aubrey.
Oh my goodness, you are a handful today, look at this, there's a little chew toy here for you.
So this is gonna be an awesome toy for any of our rodents or rabbits. 
I think I'm gonna hang this up for the chinchillas to play with, that would be awesome. 
The guinea pigs can play in this one, or even Tickles, our hedgehog can be in there too.
We have a chinchilla house, we've got some fun little toys to play in here too.

 (12:00) to (13:25)

Aww these are very sweet!
Thank you Jules and Aubrey. 
We also got a lot of wonderful letters that I'm going to read and I'll try and respond to as many as I possibly can.
But there's this one that's addressed to Huckleberry here, look it says, "Hi Huckleberry, we love your YouTube videos."
Sophia, age 5, painted this for you, look at this, look at this Huckleberry, this is for you!
Isn't it beautiful?
It's like it's not food, but it looks like there's some cute animals on here and it's very thoughtful that Sophia made this for you.
Look at that, look at that, okay. Do you want to go do something else?
I've made a really big mess, Huckleberry definitely helped me make the mess, but now it is time to clean it all up and make sure we give the toys to the animals so that they can have as much fun as we did opening the packages.
Thank you for letting me share all the stuff that we got and hang out with me and Huckleberry.
I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I will see you next week, bye!