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(Text: Good morning John. When I was in L.A. I asked a bunch of people to do something for me because I could. Here's the result)

Hank: I would like everybody to, to, to try and laugh without smiling.

(Attempts: Flula Borg
Rhett McLaughlin
Allison Raskin
Gaby Dunn
Steve Zaragoza
Mamrie Hart
Grace Helbig)

Grace: I just pictured Hannah doing this.

(Attempts: Hannah Hart)

Man: You're totally smiling!

Hannah: I am not!

Hank: Do you want to see the replay? You are.

Hannah: No!

(Attempts: Trisha Hershberger
Starline Hodge
Katherine Green
John Green)

John: I can't, I can't do it.

(Attempts: Arielle Scarella
Kati Morton
Flula Borg)

Flula: Oh, biscuits!

Hank: I like how dead your eyes are.

Flula: I want all girlfriends to tell me that after dates.

(Attempts: Mike Falzone)

Mike: I didn't think I would hate it as much as I do, but I hate it so much. I feel like I'm killing my heart.

Matt: What weird experiment are you putting me through right now?

Kati: Seems weird like a creeper.

Steve: You feel like you're going insane, right.

(Attempts: Mitchell Davis
Jon Cozart
Taylor Peters)

Taylor: I cannot.

(Attempts: Miriam Nielsen)

Miriam: Nope.

Ruba: Take three.

Hank: One more.

(Attempts: Ruba Wilson)

Ruba: God!

(Attempts: Link Neal)
Mitchell Davis)

Mitchell: I can't!

(Attempts: Travis McElroy

Hank: You're too good.

Mark: It's almost like I'm actually soulless.

(Attempts: Tyler Oakley)

Tyler: I can't!

(Attempts: Nicola Foti)

Nicola: I'm so creeped out by myself, I can't even see my face.

Gaby: Sounds like I'm crying.

(Attempts: F0xy
Karen Kavett)

Hank: You're smiling a lot.

(Attempts: William Haynes)

William: Dude!

(Attempts: Michael Stevens)

Michael: Tricks on you, I've never laughed in my life. I just, you know, make that noise and everyone believes it.

(Attempts: Tyler Oakley)

Tyler: Oh, that's easy.

(Attempts: Philip DeFranco)

Philip: Ah!

(Attempts: Demi Adejuyigbe)

Demi: I can't!

(Attempts: Matt Lieberman
Ava Gordy
Maude Garrett
Daren Vongirdner)

Daren: Ooh, that's uncomfortable.

(Attempts: Jimmy Wong
Jake Roper
Connor Franta)

Connor: I feel sad.

Reina: Wait. Am I supposed to try to laugh without...

(Attempts: Reina Scully
Lee Newton
Matt Watson
Meghan Camarena
Grace Helbig
Derek Muller)

Derek: I don't know.

(Attempts: Jenna Marbles)

Jenna: Obnoxious.

(Attempts: Kevin T. Porter
Meghan Tonjes
Hannah Hart
Lee Newton
Jimmy Wong)

Jimmy: It's so hard.

Steve: That's so weird!

Hank: That was good, that was good!

(People laughing: Demi Adejuyigbe
Jon Cozart
Flula Borg
Connor Franta
Derek Muller
Nicola Foti)

Nicola: I hope I didn't spit on your lens.

(People laughing: Jake Roper
Grace Helbig)

Hank: The whole laughing without smiling thing, it's been done before. It's something that they do in the VidCon office all the time to relieve stress, to make each other laugh, to make themselves laugh. I think it's what I like about it is a lot of the time you start out fake laughing and then it makes you real laugh, and real laughing is nice. And the VidCon team right now is in Anaheim doing all the checkups and visits and meetings and stuff that we need to do getting ready for VidCon which is happening earlier this year. It's June 24th, you'd think I'd know. June 23rd to 25th, so I was right, kind of. If you like online video VidCon is a thing that we do, I hope you can come.

So glad I got to see all those people while I was in L.A. They're all great, there's lots of them, and I put links to all of their channels in the description. And there was one person that you didn't see in the video laughing without smiling, so let's do that while I link to all the other collab videos that I was in while I was in L.A., the one's that have come out so far at least. Here we go.

(Attempts: Hank Green)

Hank: John, I'll see you on Tuesday.