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Should I go to a concert if my recent ex will be there? How do book blurbs work? Can a two-person book club even function? How do I become a better writer? How do I entertain myself while stuck in a department store? Should I feel guilty about making less money than my partner? How do I help my parents understand that Amsterdam is safe? John Green and Sarah Urist Green have answers!

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*Intro music*
J: Hello and welcome do dear Hank and John.
S: Or as I perfer to think of it, dear Sarah and John.
J: It's a podcast where two brothers, or in this case two spouses give you dubious advice, answer your questions and bring you all the weeks news from both mars and AFC Wimbulton, with a strong enphasis on the news from AFC Wimbulton this week. I am joined by my wonderful wife Sarah. Hi Sarah!
S: Hi John! Thanks for having me.
J: Thanks for being here. For those who don't know Sarah, she is an art curator and creator of the YouTube channel The Art Assignment with PBS digital, and also, the author of the forthcoming book, "You are an Artist" which is a wonderful book, it's so great, full of creativity prompts, and it makes you feel like you really are an artist! It comes out April 14th.
S: Well, thanks for boosting me John, I appreciate that!
J: Yeah! You can preorder it now wherever books are sold. You can also get my brother's second novel "A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor"
S: I'm really excited to read that one!
J: I'm in the middle of reading it right now, so I feel like I cant say anything. I feel like if I say anything I am going to make trouble, like Hank's going to come back to the podcast after a week away and he's gonna be mad at me. By the way Hank is out of town, speaking of which, before we get to the questions, Sarah, I should let people know that Hank and I are going to be on tour, in early March in Columbus, Ohio and in Michagan and right outside of Indianapolis, our home town. You can get tickets at or just go to and look very, very hard for the tiny, tiny tab that says appearences.
S: Well, that is really good to know, I actually am not sure I knew that so,
*John laughing*
J: Well, I am here to deliver messages about my travel schedule to the people, and also, to my wife.
*Sarah laughing*
S: So, who have we recived letters from this week, John?
J: Many, many people who's emails we are not able to respond to. But a few who's emails we are able to respond to. Like this person; Lisa who wrote in to say Dear John and Hank my ex and I broke up this week, I'm starting with a breakup question Sarah.
*Sarah laughing*

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