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I knew Ancient Egyptians loved their cats, but until I visited an archaeology museum - the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures - I wasn't entirely sure why. Turns out the reason is a bit more morbid than I initially thought 💀

In this video we learn about the Egyptian Goddesses Sekhmet and Bastet - Gods Ra, Osiris and Horus - and the significance of raising and sacrificing tens of thousands of cats to honor them.
Creator, Writer, Host, Addt'l Camera: Emily Graslie
Camera: Brandon Brungard
Editor, Gfx + Sfx: Sheheryar Ahsan
Production Consultant: Carolyn Yao
Production Assistant: Kate Hodge
Addt'l Gfx: Georgina Gutierrez

Special thanks:
Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures
Marc Maillot, PhD
Emily Teeter, PhD
Matthew Welton

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