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Thanks to my UK publisher Orion for thinking of this very cool thing!

You can find out more about my book here:
Hello, it's Hankschannel.

I've been signing a lot of sheets of paper recently, about 40,000 for the US edition of the book, but I'm also signing for my UK publisher Orion. Thank you, Orion, for publishing my book in United Kingdom and all the other places where you publish, which I think includes Australia and maybe other places. I appreciate that.

I've also been signing some copies for those markets and they arrived different. Like the pages were different: the paper is cropped. Like it's cut differently in the printing process, so they're 8 1/2" by 11" instead of being like the shape and size that they will be when they put them in the book, and the art is different on them. And you're watching me now signing these sheets of paper, and you'll see the art on them is little Carls at the bottom instead of one Carl on the side with the shadow, which I have for the US edition.

Now, the thing that is very cool about this, and the reason why I'm making this video, is now I'm gonna speed it up so you can watch what's happening. Oh my— So the Carls are fading in and out and at one moment the Carl actually blinks, that one in the middle. And also some of the ones on the sides blink and I, like— There's only one reason to do this. It is only an illusion that can be enjoyed in this moment by speeding up a video of me signing.

I don't know who thought of this idea, but I think it's so cool! Each of the papers is different and as it speeds up you get a little time lapse effect of the Carls fading in and out and and blinking and I just wanted to share that because it's so cool.