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I just had a bunch of footage from LeakyCon that I wanted to share. Pop Up Video Style. You can get Lauren's CD here:


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A Bunny
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Paul DeGeorge: Yeah, we'd have to get off right here at the medical center and then walk like another fifteen minutes to get to this place 'cause the bus didn't pass it. It would end up being a two hour lunch break, to get this hot dog.
Hank: Are you full time Harry Potter now? You're no longer...
Paul: Full time wizard.
Hank: No longer any kind of chemical engineer.
Paul: No. Quit the day job.
Hank: I was a biochemistry undergrad.
Paul: Really?
Hank: Yeah.
Paul: Got your degree?
Hank: Yeah.
Paul: We can talk shop.
Hank: Probably not.
Paul: I had to drop bio chem, man.
Paul: Do you ever notice how, like, when people are on TV, they don't really look at the road when they drive. (Maureen Johnson and Hank laugh) Check out this industrial park, guys! (Maureen and Hank laugh again) Isn't this cool?
Hank: Is this where we're going?
Paul: Yeees.
Paul: Oh no. Noooooo. Nooooo.
(groans from the whole car)
Hank: This is where he's supposed to be.
Paul: Yeah.
Maureen: Do you think maybe he moved somewhere where people actually are?
(Hank laughs)
Paul: See, that's the thing, y'know. That's what I love, is that he's got this commitment to this industrial park. Where you can get wholesale Chinese kitchen supplies.
(car laughs)
Paul: Oooooh crap.
Maureen: Why does every car in Boston go sideways?
Paul: That's part of the adventure, y'know. You don't, you don't know. Don't know if it's gonna be there. So you, next time you're here, we'll hopefully be more accommodating.
Hank: Can you talk up the Vietnamese sandwiches like they're gonna be really life altering?
Paul: Not really. This place has it's own unique charm in that it's maybe one of the dirtiest looking doors you'll ever open into a place that you will actually eat food.

Maureen: I can see everything.
Hank: What do you mean by "everything?"
Maureen: I'm gonna, I'm gonna walk into this pole. I can see your soul.
Hank: How does it look?
Maureen: Uh, woah! Well, well I can't see concrete. That's the one thing I can't see. I can't see poles or concrete.
Hank: Can you see the poles' and concretes' souls?
Maureen: Yes.
Hank: Do they seem fulfilled?
Maureen: No. I'm not gonna, they don't actually. It makes me weep for them.

Hank: I can't breathe through my nose. That's my first reaction. But I don't know if you notice that when you're wearing them you can see more people than when you're not wearing them. I'm just going to assume that those are dead people. So these are Dead People Glasses, right? Maybe they're aliens.
Joe: Probably need more sunlight.
(Hank laughs)

(Concert footage of The Moaning Myrtles playing their song Transparent)
Because of wizard rock, I wear contacts lenses and converse shoes
Because of wizard rock, Harry asked me out and I refused
Because of wizard rock, haunting bathrooms isn't such a bore
Because of wizard rock, I don't feel transparent anymore.
Guy: Does anyone here have a foot ailment? There was a girl hurt her foot, we got ice. Where is she?
Hank: What are you going to mix that [vodka] with exactly? The three drops of Ginger Ale we have left?
Girl: We have some stuff from the Blood Mobile 'cause we donated blood so we got some-
Hank: Stuff. From the blood mobile.
Girl: Yeah we got-. So we asked, "Hey do you have orange juice? Do you have-?" We were trying to get mixers for- (laughs)
Hank: You were like, "I gave blood, I don't want to get drunk!"
(The people on the bed laugh)
Hank: It's for a good cause. It's for charity. We're gonna get drunk for charity.

(A bunch of people talking in Maureen Johnson's fort)