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This week's questions:
1:42 - Pennsylvania just legalized medical marijuana. One of the conditions it claims to treat is Autism. Can you please explain how that works?
4:33 - What are your thoughts on growth attenuation therapy for the severely mentally disabled?
7:45 - What evidence is there to support waking up newborns every 2 hours to eat?
9:28 - Dairy-fat biomarkers associated with lower instances of diabetes. Is this study useful? Is there any correlation between dietary intake of fully fat dairy and these biomarkers?
10:51 - I just learned a bit about theories which say that certain types of parasitic infections may provide benefit in reducing harmful autoimmune function. What is the status of investigating and developing this as a therapy?
12:52 - What are some causes of postcoital bleeding other than cervical cancer? Most of the trans guys I know have experienced it at one point but it's statistically impossible for us all to have cervical cancer.
15:04 - From everyday experiences, it seems as if people in their forties and fifties are more prone to get diabetes. Is that true? If yes, why?
16:06 - I was told to get a partial colonoscopy by my doctor but I've heard from other doctors that they are inferior and you should only get full colonoscopies. What does the research say?
19:20 - Among medical professionals, do you think there's a bias in favor of pharmaceutical interventions and against behavioral interventions when treating disease? Why or why not?
20:03 - Is there a difference between how European food supplements are regulated and how it is done in the USA?
20:13 - How do you feel about a potential sugar tax?
22:01 - Do you think the fear of radiation from nuclear power plants is overblown?
23:22 - Is long-term low hemoglobin levels (10-10.5) a thing to worry about? My GP just shrugs but it's been 2 years now...
25:17 - Your thoughts on RLS (restless leg syndrome) do you believe it's a real disease or just a symptom?
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