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We got a surprise bunch of crickets, so we threw a cricket eating party and the animals enjoyed an abundance of cricket snacks!

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Hello everyone.  Welcome back to Animal Wonders.  I'm Jessi and today is really weird.  We got a call from our local pet store saying they had an abundance of crickets.  Apparently, they put in an order for 3,000 crickets and they got 7,000, and their bins only hold 3,000, so they had an extra 4,000 crickets to put somewhere.  So they called us up and asked if we could use some crickets.  I said yes and now, I'm trying to figure out what to do with 4,000 crickets.  

Our normal shipment of crickets is 1,000 and we use that up over the course of two weeks.  By the end of those two weeks, we're using them fairly sparingly, so I guess we're gonna have a cricket party and everyone is going to get a lot of extra snacks.


So I don't know if I've said this on the channel yet, but I am very, very allergic to insect feces, especially crickets, so I need to wear my mask or else bad things will happen, but this probably looks pretty familiar to most of you by now.  

Oh my gosh.  So many crickets.  Hello, crickets.  How are you?  Oh my gosh, you can hear them.  


Alright, first up is Serafina.  Hey pretty girl.  Do you want some of these?  Come on over.  You ready?  Good job.  There.  Go get 'em.  Nice job!  Oh, there's one behind you.  It's behind you.  Get it.  There it is.  Yay!  Good job.  One more for fun.  There you go, get em get em get em get em.  Good girl.  

Next up is Ophelia.  Now, Ophelia's definitely not as quick, so I'm not just gonna let them all go out.  Would you like a little cricket?  Here's a little cricket.  


I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did and if you would like to keep going on animal adventures with us, be sure to subscribe and I will see you very soon.  Bye.