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This week's questions:
5:39 What healthy steps would you recommend a person in their 20s take that would benefit over their lifetime?
7:31 Hi, is diabetes type 2 reversible?
8:50 Is it true that cutting lettuce leaves with a knife lessens its nutritional value more than shredding it with your hands would?
10:45 What's P-Hacking? And how prevalent is it in medical research?
13:54 Does stretching actually help with exercise or recovery?
14:57 Are there any other safe methods to get rid of excessive earwax than just hydrogen peroxide?
16:47 My 23 year old girlfriend was recently recommended by a surgeon to get knee surgery. Do you believe that patients should usually seek a second opinion in matters like this?
19:13 Recently saw an article that says that slowing metabolism after weight loss is due to loss of muscle mass, and that muscle building exercises 2x per week can keep metabolism high. Your response?
21:25 I'm aspiring to become a young healthcare administrator from Cornell University. What is one thing you would like to see from administration in the future?
23:50 Are there SSRIs that don't cause drowsiness?
24:13 What are your thoughts on the recent news on flossing? Flossing - yes or Flossing - no?
25:28 My step dad recently got diagnosed with lewy body dementia(at 48). He is already hallucinating and having muscle loss. What information can you give me on LBD ? Any info or advice?
26:19 I'm going to try to appeal to your speciality, how do you feel about treating adolescent with amphetamines Derivatives?
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