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Yes, I made this video for tiktok, which is why it is vertical.

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Haa-ha-ha ha!

One of the great things about being me, you know, like, highest quality things, so when we make a video about something, we get to talk to cool people and sometimes the cool people say things that we do not expect them to say.

The most legendary thing about binturongs is that their pee smells like buttered popcorn, but what does that even mean?  Well, a lovely person at the conservator center in North Carolina, which is an animal park, offered to send us some binturong pee.  

This is a surprisingly large jar.  Okay, good, it's a rag soaked in binturong pee.  Eau d(?~0:30)Binturong.  Hints of corn chips, popcorn, and maybe urine.  

They described it, hold on, this was described to me.  It's like a stank to it, though, like someone tried to make sexy smelling perfume out of popcorn.

I just felt wetness.  Should I have felt wetness?  

Bottled 2020.  Wow, these people went the extra mile.  Okay.

I can't believe a human being sent me binturong pee in the mail.  I have the best job!!

This is a sealed jar. I'm just taking tape off of it.  I can smell corn chips.  I just undid it a little bit and opened it up.  That--it's like if you took just the buttered popcorn flavor and you made a paste out of it.  It's like too much buttered popcorn.  

If I sort of like, do this and then I close it and then I move into the space, ohhh.  Like corn chip-y popcorn but a little sweeter than corn chips, but then if I smell the actual--oohhhh, it comes on hard.  And that one was just popcorn.  You gotta--(?~1:26)

People are gonna come into my office and be like, Hank, do you have--is there popcorn in here?  No, no, no, it's just my carnivore urine, and now I'm in a situation where I have to figure out what to do with a jar of binturong pee.  

I like my job!

I hope you enjoyed your (?~1:39).  The Bizarre Beasts pin club is open for today and tomorrow only.  If you want to join up, go to right now.  I sniffed pee for you.  Nah, I did it for me.