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Thanks to Théo for this:

Also, thanks to everyone who submitted videos! It was fascinating to see what people were more likely to keep or discard vs. what I would have kept.

More on how I chose this particular video below, but first:


Most Trippy:


Not Starring Hank:

Most Wonderful:

Best Analog Graphics:

Best Pigeon Dialogue:

Closest to Exactly What I Would Have Done:

Casey Neistatiest:


So, in the voting, there were several videos that got more votes than this. But I picked this video for two reasons:

1. It was the one that still felt like something I might have made (even though it was better than what I would have done.) I felt like it captured the spirit of the video I intended to make.

2. Of anyone, I think this video had the highest votes to views ratio, at over 50%. So half of the people who saw the video voted for it, which is pretty dang impressive.

3. I really liked it a whole lot! There were, of course, lots of other moments in lots of other videos that were fantastic and hilarious, but I felt like this one had the highest concentration, as well as a really good story structure with multiple little arcs that all worked really well.


Music: "Perfect Strangers" by Hank Green. "Dark Hallway" and "Bummin on Tremelo" by Kevin MacLeod (


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Hank Green: Good morning, John.

(in a sing-song tone) Squeezing strangers' bikes in Amsterdam!

Yeah, yeah, look at that tire. That one's pretty squishy. Is it okay to touch random people's bikes?

You wanna hear a funny story? I left my computer on an airplane. So I'm having other people edit this vlog for me? Here's the plan. I put this footage on the internet. People on the internet then take that footage, everyone makes their own video with it, and then we vote on which one goes on the Vlogbrothers channel. And we do this all within, like, 24 hours.

So Amsterdam things I need to find. I need to see like a row house, bicyclers (which shouldn't be hard), a canal. I found bicyclers. 

♬ Sometimes the world looks perfect
Nothing to rearrange. 
Sometimes you just get a feeling
Like you need some kind of change. â™¬

This, this is a questionable strategy I've made, which is to just start walking and see if I find something good. I am immediately lost. This city is not on a grid. And also, my phone doesn't 100% work. Like I can call and text, but I cannot use maps, there's no data. So we get real lost, I'm gonna have to work it out the old fashioned way, which I've completely forgotten how to do. 

I mean, even the littering is neat. They just let if there, right side up. What is a chocomel? It smells like chocolate. Is it like Yoohoo? Well I was gonna read the label but it's all in Dutch.

Somtimes you see things on the ground, you don't know what they are, and you have to find out. Oh, it's like a little light. It's like the tiniest, cheapest bike light you could possible imagine. You know, I'm keeping it.

I mean...presented without comment. 

Hey pigeon, there's a whole tortilla like on a windowstill right over there. Whole tortilla. You could feed your entire family for a month. A whole tortilla. Stop walking away from me, there's a whole- I'm trying to help.

Found row houses with the little hooks that they use to get stuff up, because they can't-can't carry them up cause they're too skinny.

Now all that's left is a canal. I have to find a canal. I just saw fourth Amsterdam thing - two people just smoking pot on the street. With of course is normal here.

I think this is a wedding cake made out of diapers. I...that's!

I'm definitely going the wrong direction. Wait, but just ahead of the highway, just in front of it: I think... what is it? It's a canal. It's a big one.

Ooo a moorhen, can you see it? Oh it just disappeared. Bye moorhen-come back! I'm making a video. Hello? It was like...I don't...we don't like to be on video...there it is.

John, the Dutch people think that I'm weird. But that's okay, I think the Dutch people are weird. 

You know this might...this might not be a canal. This might be a river. It might be river Amstel. I feel like maybe...maybe not. I don't know!

I have come to the definitive conclusion that I'm not in the canal-y part of Amsterdam. Okay John, I'm 90% sure that this is a same canal I was at before. But I am now 100% sure that it is, in fact, a canal, which means that I found all the things that I was looking for.

So now I have to try to find my way back to where I was. I don't even know what my hotel looks like. This is the street where they keep all the cars in Amsterdam. Every single Amsterdam car is here right now. 

The pigeon didn't listen to me. 

I see these bikes and I-I-I just think, many of them must have just been here for centuries. I feel like they're intentionally leaving old bikes just so it looks like there are a lot of bikers. There got to be a lot of these bikes...not in use. Like, like this one! This is just still here, right? Like somebody's left it there. Or do - yeah, yeah, yeah, look at tire, look at that's just...(music overpowers Hank's voice). 

I'm very glad to finally be in this city, which I've wanted to go to for a long time. And to be here for VidCon Europe, which is gonna be a ball. I would like to thank this person for editing this video. There's a lot of other versions, hopefully, of this video, edited by other people. I encourage you, John, and also anyone else to go look at those videos. Thanks to all the people who helped me with this. Thanks John and I'll see you on Tuesday. 

(someone off camera): Bye.

Hank (to the person): Bye.