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One more video before the new year and then off to my next company shadowing.

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Lizzie: Hi everyone! 

Happy post Christmas! And happy post Hanukkah too. Well that's been over for a few weeks. And happy post Winter Solstice! You know, I'm going to forgo mentioning every individual holiday and just wish everyone something universal. 

My name is Lizzie Bennet, and a happy New Year! In the Gregorian calender. 

(Introduction Clip)

Christmas was awesome. Dad loves his new socks, and no, I'm not going to quote my little sister and say "this is my hall!" while showing off various gifts.

Although I will say Jane gave me the most amazing box of 19th century decoupage valentines and Charlotte gave me a four terabyte hard drive. You ladies really know the way to a girl's heart.

Charlotte: What can I say? I know my bestie. But you really knocked it out of the park with the present you gave me.

Lizzie: Well every girl needs her own Game of Gourds diorama.

Both: (laughs)

Lizzie: But the best present is that I get to spend the next few days with you before you have to go back to work. 

Charlotte: So. Are you and Lydia all right?

Lizzie: We're... fine. I gave her a new watch and she gave me a healthy dose of attitude about how she's so responsible before she packed up her car and headed off to Vegas. 

She tweets "My truck is packed with sparkly tops and cheap alcohol! No braking till I see the strips of lights! Happy New Year!"

I think she means the lights of the strip.

Charlotte: And I hope she wasn't tweeting while driving. Aren't you worried? 

Lizzie: There was no point trying to rein her in. Not after Mom gave her permission.

Lizzie (As Mrs. Bennet): That girl has been doing everything right so far this semester with a brief exception of running away to visit Jane, but her grades are up, and maybe she'll meet a young man in Las Vegas. She can meet a young man who has recently come into some money and marry him on the same day!

Charlotte (As Mr. Bennet): I don't think that's how the kids go about it these days my dear. 

Lizzie (As Mrs. Bennet): Well, she's young, and she deserves to have some fun. I remember having fun in Vegas when I was a girl.

Charlotte (As Mr. Bennet): Did you now. I sincerely hope that you didn't "meet some man and marry him on the same day".

Lizzie (As Mrs. Bennet): What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, dear.

Lizzie: And those are eight words you never want to hear your mother say. 

Dad wasn't much better. He seems to think the more fun Lydia has the more she's getting it out of her system. 

Whatever. She's grown up. I wash my hands of the whole thing.

Charlotte: Good.

Lizzie: Good? Really, no "Oh you two should work it out" or "You shouldn't be so hard on your sister. 

Charlotte: "You shouldn't be so hard on your sister" (laugh) I have a little sister too, and -

Lizzie: Oh, please, you lucked out with your fun, fandom, geeky happy little sister and you know it.

Charlotte: That doesn't change the fact that Maria is her own person, and, ultimately responsible for herself. 

Lizzie: That's what worries me about Lydia! Maybe I'm hard on her, but shouldn't somebody be?

Charlotte: She is 21. And an adult.

Lizzie: The problem is, she's about to go out into the world and the world is not going to coddle her because she is the baby of the family. She could get really hurt. Lydia, if you're watching, be smart. Be safe. There. That's it.

But speaking of going off into the world, let's talk about me.

Charlotte: Because we don't do that enough.

Lizzie: I've been thinking about what Jane said a few weeks ago about it being important for me to... leave the nest. 

Charlotte: Oh. Am... I getting a roomie again?

Lizzie: Well- actually, I'll be somewhat close to you, but Doctor Gardener has these amazing contacts that are going to let me shadow them, and a friend who needs a house sitter up in San Francisco.

Charlotte: That sounds great!

Lizzie: Right? Maybe I'll find where I'm supposed to be. That's actually my big New Year's resolution. Find where I'm supposed to be. So, this is the first step.

Charlotte: New Year, New Lizzie? 

Lizzie: That's the plan. Unfortunately, I have to take next week off vlogging because I'm going to have so much to do to get ready for my trip up north. Say happy new year, Charlotte!

Charlotte: Happy New Year, Charlotte!

Lizzie: Happy New Year, everyone! So the next time you see me won't be next Monday but the Monday after that. On my way to... Pemberley Digital. Why does that sound familiar?