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We have a LOT of people coming to this year's event, registration will be a bit different and, in order to make it go quickly and smoothly for everyone, we have some requests. This video contains them!
Hi, this is Hank of VidCon. Welcome to the first of our videos on what's going on at VidCon, what you need to know.   With 16,000 people going through our registration lines it's gonna be a long line. We are gonna do our best to make that go as quickly and smoothly as possible and in that quest we're going to request some things from you. Sometime soon, if you haven't already, you will be getting an e-mail with your quick pass QR code. You need that. You don't actually but you really do, but you don't, but you do. You want to have it.

You can either print it out or you can have it ready on your phone or there's a way to actually link it to the VidCon app which, it's explained in the e-mail. We will also allow you to have a little digital business card inside of the app which you can trade with other people at the conference.

The QR code quick pass just lets us look you up really fast and cross you off the list, say you're registered, you're here, you're done, all in one step which is going to speed up the line significantly as opposed to looking up every single name based on a picture ID. It also allows us to give one person the passes for a number of other people so one person can wait in line for, like, five people as long as you have all of the QR codes printed out on pieces of paper.

Registration will physically be taking place in Hall E of the Anaheim Convention Center which is a hall we've never used. It's below ground level. There will be signage for how to get to it, don’t worry about that. Registration is first available Wednesday at noon and then it closes down at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. On Thursday it opens back up at 7 a.m. and goes all the way to 7 p.m. and then on Friday it opens up at 8 a.m. and goes to 7 p.m. The lines will be very long especially on Thursday morning, just so you know that. I understand not everybody can get there on Wednesday, that's fine, but be prepared for that.

When you get to the front of the line have your QR code ready to go right there on your phone or on the piece of paper. The piece of paper's probably gonna be easier so maybe you just want to go that route. If you don't have the QR quick pass code, we can look you up by your photo ID but you have to get into a separate 'this is a slow or looky-upy' line, not the many QR code lines so don't do that. Special guests and industry attendees and sponsors and exhibitors will have a separate location for registration. If you're one of those people you'll know about that I hope.

Once you've registered you'll get your badge, this is mine from last year, and you'll put it on and you will write with a Sharpie information you want on it and then you will never take it off. Your badge is your ticket to the event. If you lose it we may not be able to replace it and if you don't have it you'll not be allowed to go into the event. Tickets are important. With 18,000 attendees it's going to happen sometimes. Don't let that time be you. Just, like, staple it to your head or something, you'll be all good.

Thank you for being one of the people who pays attention and makes things easier for everyone, including yourself, but most importantly, me. QR code, don't lose your badge. That's the important things. OK bye.