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It's time to get dance fever with Lindsey! In this episode of Sexplanations, Lindsey talks about Kegels. What they are, how to do them, how to be safe, and why they're awesome!
*dance music*

Maybe you can't tell, but I'm still working out. I'm doing my Kegels, and I bet some of you are now too because it's hard to not do them once you're talking about them.

Kegels are a type of exercise, like push-ups or squats, that focus on the perineal muscles, specifically the pubococcygeus, or PCs for short. The contraction you do to stop urination, that's a Kegel.

Dr. Arnold Kegel noticed them in the strength building exercise in the 1940s and by the 1950s had found that "sexual appreciation increased by restoring function of the pubococcygeus. Sexual appreciation-- I love that!

Wanna make sure you've found them and you've got this Kegel thing down, let's start with the perineal muscles. They look like this, a hammock stretched out between the legs between the pubic bone up here to the tailbone back here, and they support  and control the genitals, urethra, and anus. It's what stops me from wetting the red chair! And it's why one of the ways to determine if you're engaged
performing Kegels is to go to the restroom, then interrupt urination-- stop peeing. The clench you feel to pause the stream is your PCs, a set of your perineal muscles, voluntarily contracting. A Kegel!

If you have a vagina, another way to do this is to stick a clean finger inside and to try and tighten the walls around it- a Kegel. With a penis you can do Kegels by placing a towel or tissue over your erection and using your PCs to elevate it. Why? PC strengthening, Kegels, are useful

1) Preventing urge and stress urination or peeing unwantedly,
2) Supporting the bowels,
3) Enabling more comfortable pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery,
4) Enhancing pleasurable sensations for you and your partners,
5) Improving circulation and function through the groin, consequently
6) Increasing lubrication,
7) Producing more athletic erections,
8) Mediating rapid ejaculation, and 
9) Gaining more control of your genitals for whatever you choose to do with them.

Kegels can be done in sets and reps, just like other forms of fitness training. Like: 3 sets 8 reps, 5 sets 10 reps. In a business meeting: squeeze. In the frozen food section: squeeze. Shower: squeeze, driving: squeeze. Every time you shake hands with someone, try and squeeze their hand and your groin. Or don't multitask at all; devote time to workout, feel present with what you're experiencing.

You can make it even more special and get Kegel equipment. Barbells  like this one are held in the vagina for the person to gently lift. As in: Vagina, barbell, Kegel, *woop woop noise*. Kegelcisers, like this SuperKegel, are like hand grips for your thigh. Narrow in the front, and then open at the rear. You're gonna bring it up close to the genitals,  and then grip, grip, grip. Ben Wa balls have been around since the year 500. Though they've acquired new names and some design changes, the idea remains the same. One or two spheres, usually hollow with something inside, inserted into the vagina. Not the anus. I want to be clear about that, not the anus. There's different Kegel gear for the anus with wider bases and cords for safer keeping.

YouTube hosts dozens of Kegel training videos where you can follow along with an instructor and time your contractions. What should be stressed is that Kegels, like squats, are an exercise that can really hurt if you do too many too soon. Start off with 10, a few times a day. Don't Kegel every beat in a Beyonce song just yet, your genitals will hate you. We want them to love you. Kegels are a way of becoming more aware of your body, including what feels good. Get yourself going and see how exciting it is to show off your pelvic strength. Let that tenacious body of yours express itself. Flutter kick with rapid contractions, or hold tight by tensing the entire pelvic floor to push  hard and deep, long or brief. Dance with your PCs and celebrate Dr. Kegel for this sexy, nerdy gift. And stay curious!   


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