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In which Hank does some stuff and then the audio freaked out so this episode is very short. Sorry!
Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. I walked around a little bit more and I ran into a guy that was hiding behind a building and I also figured out how to use my apple more effectively. So I'm following this guy. Trail the cardinal to his destination. Tailing him. I don't know why he was so hard to find but he was. Can I just kill him? Things are much more difficult now that I'm carrying round this apple in my hand. I find it hilarious that I can't use any other weapons while I've got the apple when I can carry a sword, a dagger, a crossbow, a gun, smoke bombs, poison darts, and a lot of armor without any troubles. But if I'm carrying this little thing it becomes, becomes a big problem.

What, no. Nothing, nothing wrong here. Not sure how I'm gonna deal with those guys. Maybe I'll just go in this alternate entrance. Sweet. Alternate entrance it was. Oh, no, nobody's here. (Laughs) I can't believe you didn't freak out more than that. I would have. Alright, here we are at the Colosseum having a meeting, an important meeting.

Cesare: Join me and I will take back Roma!
Georges: We have decided to elect Della Rovere to the papacy. We are sorry.
Cesare: I paid for your appointment.

Hank: Yeah, well...

Georges: Roma is not the same as it once was. Borgia money has become tainted.
Cesare: You will regret this decision!
Georges: Assassino! Run!
Ezio: Hired men promise you their blood, but as soon as you need help, they turn against you.
Cesare: Guards!

Hank: Yep, that's how it works. Ow! I have to kill all of Cesare's soldiers, everybody... Ow! Stop shooting. Oh, you're so dead. Thank you for handling this, for all of your help. Oh, I'm so low on energy, I need to run around some. Maybe my... Ow! You shot me! I hate it when you shoot me! Ah, yeah. It's much more fun to use when you know how to use it. Yes, my assassins are so good. Ow, who just hit me? Yep! That's what you get for attacking me! I'm gonna charge my stuff up again. I'm gonna call some more assassins. Bam! Thank you. Thank you assassin friend. Now I have to run around some. Targets killed: One of two. I don't understand. Zero of two? I've killed... How do I go from one of two to zero of two?

What's going on? I'm confused, there's so many people around. Let's do this. Ah! Stop hitting my assassin. Oh, but you can stab, stab each other all you want. Targets, call assassins, targets killed, who's... Yes. Kill the remaining Borgia soldiers. Yes sir, I will. Now my assassins have guns, I love that. Yeah, you tried to hit me but I made you die instead. Ow, you just hit me. Look at my assassin speed. Yeah, assassins. You guys kick ass. You are so good at your jobs.

Alright, where we at? What are we doing? What are we doing now? How are we proceeding? December. Time keeps passing and I keep poking more holes in Cesare's little rei... Instead of killing him. All the times I get a chance to just walk up to him and crossbow.

Bartolomeo: My men tell me Cesare rallies his best soldiers in front of the main gate into Roma.

Hank: OK.

Ezio: Gather the Assassins. We'll face him together.

Hank: Yes. All Roads Lead To... Join the Assassins to confront Cesare and his last remaining followers. Can I kill him? Am I gonna get to kill him? That's what I'm curious about. 'Cause I'd rather, I want to shove this golden apple right into his freaking pretty boy face.