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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you might be starting to notice a chill in the air. Let's all fondly reminisce about those warm, summer days that feel so long ago as we learn about heat! And don't forget to pick up a few hundred thousand new SciShow Tangents stickers, featuring our new logo!Head to to find out how you can help support SciShow Tangents, and see all the cool perks you’ll get in return, like bonus episodes and a monthly newsletter!A big thank you to Patreon subscribers Eclectic Bunny and Garth Riley for helping to make the show possible!Follow us on Twitter @SciShowTangents, where we’ll tweet out topics for upcoming episodes and you can ask the science couch questions! While you're at it, check out the Tangents crew on Twitter: Ceri: @ceriley Sam: @im_sam_schultz Hank: @hankgreen[Trivia Question]Hot flashes[Fact Off]Thermogenic plants ice[Ask the Science Couch]Breath temperature changing[Butt One More Thing]Butt welding
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