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In which John meets some nerdfighters in Virginia and then discusses the Wall Street Journal's coverage of Brotherhood 2.0 and Daniel Biss.


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A Bunny
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Good morning Hank; it's Friday.

Good morning Hank; it's Friday. Good morning Hank; it's Friday. Hank, you've just been greeted by Nerdfighters in Richmond, Virginia which, at least for a few hours last night, was the capitol not only of the former confederacy, but also the world capitol of Nerdfighterstan.

Nerdfigherland? Nerdfighteria? I don't know, let's leave it for the Nerdfighters to decide.

Anyway, I had a great time in Richmond Virginia. I got to talk a lot about Walt Whitman. I met a bunch of Nerdfighters who were doing a lot of cool, clever, Nerdfighting.

I even got to see a finger puppet theater rendition of the talk the Yeti and I had when I was telling her about the Boston car key fiasco. "I can't believe you left her at the airport with all of the car keys." "I know, I'm sorry. Puff levels are extremely high." "Hmph. The only way I'll forgive you is if you come back from Richmond with a Brotherhood 2.0 doppelgänger in my shape." "Done!

I'm sorry, I love you." That's actually a pretty good representation of how the actual conversation went, with the main differences being: a) I'm not a green lion b) The actual conversation occurred at five fifteen in the morning, and c) Five fifteen in the morning is not the ideal time to give a Yeti bad news. So Hank, as you may or may not know, I have all these extravagant rituals that surround flying on airplanes that I use to keep the, umm, airplane from, you know, ahh, crashing. For instance if I don't say the Lord's Prayer both when the plane is taking off and when landing, it might crash.

Also if I don't touch the outside of the plane while I am boarding it, it might crash. Furthermore, while I am in the airport before I board the plane, I have to purchase something that textually discusses the commission of actual true crimes. Now Hank I know this stuff may sound pretty crazy, but the results of it are pretty excellent so far.

I mean I've been on 500 ... don't talk to me about security right now, I'm trying to do my video. I mean I've been on like 500 flights since I started all of these superstitions, and not one of them has landed prematurely. By the way Hank, do you know when I knew I wanted to marry Sarah?

It was when she told me about this book that she wrote when she was a kid about a plane crash, and you know what it was called? Thorton's Unscheduled Landing. Anyway Hank, all that stuff about superstitions is a lead up to this: So when I was in the airport in Richmond, Virginia, I had to purchase like a newspaper or a magazine or something that discussed crime, and I happened to come across the Wall Street Journal.

Now Hank, usually I don't buy the Wall Street Journal on account of how its being purchased by Rupert "I maintain my youthful countenance by drinking the blood of Nerdfighters" Murdoch. But I have to say, even though Rupert Murdoch built his media empire primarily by devouring the freedom and opportunity that have been the glory of our nation's past, the Wall Street Journal is kind of a good newspaper. So Hank I'm just scanning the Wall Street Journal to make sure that there's a crime somewhere on the front page, and oh my god it's Daniel Biss.

Daniel Biss is in the Wall Street Journal today talking about all the money that he's raised online. And they talk about us too since we helped him raise that money. I mean Hank, that "Hank" is you.

Hank, this means that Brotherhood 2.0 contributed in some small way to Daniel Biss, a progressive candidate, being featured on the front page of a newspaper that is not noted for its liberal bias. Nerdfighter evangelism is working. Hank we may be three quarters done, but Nerdfighting is just gettin started.

Onward Nerdfighter soldiers, onward. Hank I apologize for all the background noise, and I'll see you on Monday.