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My first introduction to Dixie De La Tour was at a sex conference. Her storytelling production Bawdy Storytelling was hosting a show one evening and this fantastically dressed, vivacious woman took the stage to introduce storytellers and fluff the audience. She was kind and funny and very versed sexually. So years later at another conference I said hello and we started plotting to collaborate. When the Sexplanations Road Tour headed toward San Francisco where Dixie is based she was on board to record an episode of the podcast in the RV so we did just that, talking about her sexcapades, my ambitions, how to craft stories, and the woes of sex education when it's taught by the uninformed or unethical.
Your SEXtra Credit is to visit and learn more. Listen to Dixie's podcast, sign up to tell a story, invite Bawdy Storytelling to your area.
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