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QuestionsWithHank: Today Hank Green replies to your twitter questions! Find out if Hank plans on playing the highly anticipated Five Nights At Freddy's 2 and more!
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Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank and this is games with me. Except, today, there's no games. This is Questions with Hank.

I'm gonna answer some questions. I just got 'em on Twitter. Some of these are gonna be about games and some are not.

Will you be playing Five Nights and Freddy's 2?

Yes. Yes yes yes. Yes yes yes yes. Yeah. Yeah. yeah. Yeah, I will. Yeah, I'm very excited about it.

Favorite gaming memory?

Oh, Smash Brothers in college. Just so much Smash Brothers! Oh, my God. It's all we did. I have probably played Smash Brothers for more hours that any other game. And it was just a great social experience. Uh, we had a great core group of friends in college and we smashed each other hard.

We all had our favorite characters. I was always Donkey Kong, and my wife was Pikachu often, though sometimes Link. And we weren't married then, but we got married, and our relationship ... the bond of our relationship was forged in the fires of Super Smash Brothers.

But also, all of the games that I've played with Katherine. Um ... we have played some very, very excellent days of Mario, which you can see on my old gaming channel, hankgames, and maybe (high-pitched mumbling) more of her soon here on Games with Hank, I hope.

If you ever got the chance, would you do Rocky Horror again?

I would totally do Rocky Horror again. In fact, I almost was in the Rocky Horror cast here in Missoula for this Halloween, but I was too busy. Sad face. I was gonna be The Narrator, which is a really easy and fun part, so I'm a little bummed. But I probably would be The Narrator just because that's ... I'm good at narrating things. And also, I ... I could be Brad, but I'm not into working that hard. Being a lead is too much work for me.

That's not appropriate. Bethany. Not appropriate!

What are your recently used emojis?

My most recently used emoji is a sleepy face followed by kissy face. (laughing) And then, uh, this face.

Have you ever played Slenderman?

I haven't played Slenderman.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I'm gonna be Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, 'cause I'm a super nerd.

Rachel would like to know what my pizza order is.

I really like Hawaiian. I'm a big Hawaiian pizza fan. Kareem is also a huge Hawaiian pizza fan. There are other pizzas I enjoy more, but they are much more obscure, like green chiles and meatballs. That's so good. That's a good combo.

What was your favorite book growing up?

I didn't have a favorite book until Jurassic Park, which was when I was, like, maybe, what? Fourteen or fifteen? And then my favorite book for a long time was The Mars Trilogy, which is a whole trilogy. It's not one book.

My current favorite book is the next person which a completely different name. Audrey. I don't know. Let's see. I looked over at my bookshelf. Uh, but I don't know. I just read a book that hasn't been released yet because I'm friends with the author and I loved it a lot, and I'm really excited to talk about it publicly, but I can't yet. So, that's annoying, and not a good answer to your question.

Uh, I'm gonna go with The Name of the Wind. Right now, my favorite book is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It is about ... it's a fantasy book, epic fantasy. Super weird. Super interesting. Really interesting world-building. Very cool book. You should check it out. It's available for $5.99, probably, cause it's a paperback.

Christopher wants to know: What are your thoughts on Steam reducing the amount of curating they do in regards to what games are sold on their store?

Eh, you know, Valve can do what they want to do. That's ... that's what I ... that's how I feel. They are the best thing that has happened, and compared with all of the other things out there, like the EA Origin store, like, like I have very ... I have no reason to complain about ... the only reason I will complain about Valve is that I cannot buy stock in them. Like, I love Valve. I want to ... I want to own a piece of it. If I waded into a controversy just now, I apolog- ... like, I don't have any real strong opinions on that but, eh.

Does John's success as a writer ever make you want to write a book?

Uh, no, that's not what makes me want to write a book, Rachel. But, I do sometimes wanna write a book, because I can, because I like books, and because I feel ... and when I say I can, I mean, that I have the opportunity because my brother is a famous author. It would be easier for me to get a book deal. Uh, and also I have a YouTube channel that is fairly successful. I also feel like I can, in that I have the ability to do it. And I don't know that for sure 'cause I've never done it and it is super hard and I've tried. I've started many times. So, I would like to someday do that.

Favorite throwback game?

Oh, hmm, HMM! Sim City 2000? Or possibly this very little-known game called Horde, which I just loved. Uh, it's so amazing! Okay, oh, God, now I wanna ... now I wanna do Horde on Games with Hank, but ... maybe I will. Maybe I won't. Horde is, uh, you are a knight. Chauncy. Sir Chauncy. And you have to protect a village from these evil red hobgoblins that come ... come for your village-folk, and so you have to prevent them from breaking into your village-folk's houses and eating them, which they will do, and also from eating your cows, which produce income, which will allow you to buy more helpers and tools and stuff.

But the best things about Horde is that it has cutscenes. And it was one of the first game with cutscenes. And they're live action, filmed cut screens, I think probably on a green screen, starring Kirk Cameron, the fundamentalist Christian guy who was once on Growing Pains. It's amazing! It's amazing. It's so bad, but the gameplay is actually really good, and the game is really fun, and it kind of can be a little bit easy to beat once you figure out, sort of, the tricks for how to kill the goblins, but, um, so fun, and it has a bunch of different levels and it gets harder and harder. And it has a really great soundtrack, which is a weird thing to say, but I, like, actually downloaded, like, I ripped the songs. This wasn't easy to do, by the way. I ripped the songs out of the game so I could put them on ... on a CD, that I could listen to, just ... I could listen to the soundtrack of the game, which was not available for purchase, so I had to, like, work hard to do that. That's the nerdiest thing I've got.

Thank you to everyone for your questions. This has been Questions with Hank on Games with Hank. I'm Hank. DFTBA.