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When I thought about the task of reviewing 22 different sex topics in one setting, I knew I needed to talk to an expert. Who would have a sex positive, well-researched, and open-minded perspective of such a broad range of topics? Allison Moon!

I met Allison in San Francisco. She and her partner Reid (episode 11) invited me to stay when I was in town and made me a fantastic dinner. I was immediately intrigued by them both.

Allison is the author of Girl Sex 101, Bad Dyke, and a lesbian werewolf series Tales of the Pack. She's also considered a leading sex educator and excellent human being. In this episode we discuss vaginismus, demisexuality, polyamory, BDSM, and cock rings. We didn't make it through all 22 on the list but were able to have a meaningful conversation about most.

SEXtra Credit: Masturbate and if you already masturbate, masturbate in a new way. Get your genitals attuned to different kinds of touch. Read Allison Moon's book Girl Sex 101.
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