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J: Hello, it's a cold open this week, because we have a bit of news. The first bit of news is that Dear Hank and John, as well as The Anthropocene Reviewed and a new podcast called SciSho Tangents, are all going to be joining the WNYC family.
H: Yeah, WNYC Studios is a, as you may have heard, an organization that makes and produces and works with lots of great podcasts. And we are joining them -- this podcast is. It will change basically nothing for you, just for clarity, and will, ah, make things easier for us and more stable for us and also potentially help us make better content, and maybe even some other projects, in the future.
J: Yeah, we're huge fans and have been for a long time of WNYC. They make podcasts like Radio Lab and More Perfect and Nancy. In fact, I've known our producer at WNYC for more than twenty years. All of which means this is really exciting for us, but should not affect your listening experience all that much, except in so much as the quality of the audio might improve slightly.
H: Ya, if you think this is going to result in a fundamentally better Dear Hank and John experience, I've got news for you: this is as good as it could possibly be. We've reached it.
J: Oh, yeah, we're keeping the podcast crap don't worry about that. But thank you to all of you who listen every week, it means the world to us. I also want to say that we're going on tour! Hank is going on a longer tour than I am going on, but I will be with Hank when An Absolutely Remarkable Thing comes out, in New York on Tuesday, September 25th. We'll be in Boston on Wednesday, September 26th.
H: John and I will also be in Canton, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Kansas City, Missouri; and Indianapolis, Indiana. And then I'm moving on, by myself -- I'm going to have some special guests-- in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Denver; Los Angeles; San Diego; Santa Cruz; and Bellingham, WA. So if you're in or near any of those places, please come see me. And if you're in Missoula, Montana, I'll probably do a local event, too. But it will be separate, and not part of this tour. 

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