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I don't know anymore.  My mom's white and my dad's black.  

This is the second piece of content I've seen this week that takes this kind of format where you've got a person who looks super white.  It turns out though that they are mixed race and one of their parents is black, and this is surprising to us.  We understand that skin color is genetic and so it's gonna get passed down from parent to child, but it turns out that there are over 100 different genes that control the production of melanin in the human body, and that's like, how much melanin, the kind of melanin, where that melanin is in your body, like, is it in your eyes or in your skin or in your hair, and those genes can affect each other, where if you have like, one but not the other, then you won't have as much melanin.  If you have both, then you'll have like twice as much, like, it's complicated!  It's the year 2021, we don't understand how skin color works.  

It's completely possible, and in fact, this does happen, you can look it up, like, the same parents can have their genes mixed together differently in two different children and one of them will absolutely be thought of by that society as black and the other one will absolutely be seen by that society as white, and that makes this very complicated, but not as complicated as society.