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Hank and Katherine and Michael play Super Mario Bros. Wii. Funny things happen.

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(Intro- I'm so bad at game!)

Katherine: This is gonna be really fun

Hank: Yeah, its going to be so fun

Katherine: And we're going to be getting in everyone's way

Hank: Like the old days!

Katherine: Oh my god I'm so excited

Hank: I have to fart

Michael: I don't have my glasses on...


Michael: I'm having a hard time here

Hank: Oh sorry Toad! That was my bad!


Katherine: Oh my god! Mario is outta control guys!

(Everyone making weird noises)

Hank: Woah!


Hank: Its your head. Its made of mushroom.

Katherine: Its made of Lemon.

Hank: Lemon Meringue

Katherine: And, uh, I don't know.

Hank, Katherine, and Michael: Woah!

Katherine: Oh yeah!

Hank: The master plan!

Katherine: We de bleh..

Hank: Woah! What just happened?

Katherine: I don't even know- rainbows!

Michael: I just saw God!

Katherine: Outta my way! I'm gonna kill everything!

Michael: Oh wow.

Hank: Oh my head!

Hank: Fall down you fall downy!

Hank: Get it Toad! Get it! Yeah! Yeah Toad!

Katherine: Toad's enormous head got all the stuff!

Katherine: Lay down Lemon. Lay down. Not on the couch. You can't be up on the couch there's no space for you!

Hank: Lemon lay down. Go lay down! She's like I want to get on the couch there's only three of you up there!

Katherine: Stop trying to kick me Lemon! I let you up on the couch and now you're trying to kick me!

Hank: It's cause I love you!

Katherine: Yoshi!

Katherine: No Yoshi no Yoshi!

Hank: Noo Yoshi!


Katherine: Ahh which one is mine?

Michael: Oh but I want my blue one back.

Hank: Oh I don't know how to

Michael: Oh whatever


Hank: Damn it

Michael: Oh oh oh!

Katherine: Its ok. Stop doing that to me. Oh my god I hate all of you!

Katherine: Hehe yay!


Hank: I got a yellow Yoshi!

Michael: Yay!

Katherine: Alright, come down.

Hank: But he can't it doesn't work- oh he jumped right on my head!

Hank: I had to bubble everybody- OH!


Hank: Once your annoying friends aren't around, my minions will stuff ever Toad they catch into a question mark box.

Katherine: I don't care!

Katherine: Oh Luigi fail!

(Everybody playing their vocal bagpipes)

Hank: We can finally do three part harmony's while playing Mario.

Michael: I thought we were just trying to imitate a bagpipe.

(Everybody playing their vocal bagpipes)

Katherine: People are not going to like this episode. Thumbs down!

(Hank playing his vocal bagpipe)

Katherine: All for Luigi!

Michael: We should start a Youtube channel where the three of us do song covers with our vocal bagpipes.

Hank: What a great idea! We could call it-

Katherine: No one will ever watch this!