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In which Charlie Plummer (who plays Miles in the Looking for Alaska Hulu adaptation), Denny Love (who plays the Colonel), and John Green (who, a lifetime ago, wrote the book) discuss life, the universe, and everything.

Nobody reads this far into the description but I do want to say a huge thanks to everyone involved in the LFA show for working so hard and caring so much. Also, the most amazing trivia fact: The director of the sixth episode, Megan Griffiths, watched Brotherhood 2.0 back in 2007!

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John: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday.

Can you introduce yourself?

Charlie Plumber: Hi, I'm Charlie Plumber.

J: And you play?

C: Miles Halter

J: In the Looking for Alaska TV show.

Denny Love: It's me, Denny Love, the Colonel, aka Chip Martin.

J: What is John like in real life?

D: I think John is way funnier than people think, and he has way more, what we call--what the kids call--drip, than you'd think. He knows about all the new music. He knows about--he's very hip, which I was shocked about.

J: I don't think I have that much drip, because I don't know--

D: He knows who 21 Savage is.

J: I do like that song "A Lot". I find it relatable, because I also have a lot of lawyers.

D: Aw, do you?

J: When did you first read it?

C: I read the book when I was 15.

J: Aww.

C: I never had that experience before, where I've read something and then really so passionately wanted to be a part of it and wanted to play a specific character, and now I'm getting to live that, and that's pretty unreal, and I think too much about it sometimes.

D: I didn't read the book--I'm so sorry

J: That's okay.

D: --till I got the audition, and I think I read it in less than a day, and at that point I knew. I was like "This story is special." I didn't know how big it was, to the world, but to me, I was like "This story is special."

J: When Denny auditioned for the Colonel, he memorized one of the Colonel's monologues from the book.

D: We just shot that, too.

J: Ah, yeah. They sent that to me, and it was so beautiful; it was wrenching.

D: I was like "If I never get to play the Colonel, I have to be able to perform that, like I have to."

J: What is one trait of Miles that you can relate to?

C: Too many. Too many traits!

J: What do you like most about the Colonel?

D: I think the Colonel has such a huge heart, like he just cares so much about people, about the school, about this world. I think a lot of people are going to see that in the show, that the Colonel has so much heart.

J: If you could pick your name, the way Alaska picks her name, what would you pick?

D: I would say "Manolo". That was my name is Spanish class.

J: That's a good name!

D: Yep. I think it means "the romantic one".

J: Oh, yeah!

D: "Manolo". You know you get to pick your name in Spanish class? I saw "Manolo", I said "Manolo"?!

J: I think I was "Pierre" in French class.

D: Come on, man. "Pierre"? That's so basic.

J: Charlie, what, what would--

I've never met a Manolo, but I want to.

D: CP, you don't got a name?

C: Manolo Junior.

J: Do you know about John's thing with Keanu?

C: Oh, yes! Oh, it's one of my favorite things about John.

D: He's like Jesus to you.

J: No! Jesus is like Jesus to me! He's more like John the Baptist.

How old do you think John is?

C: Oh gosh. Why are you asking me?

J: Just aim low!

C: Okay. Um, 38?

J: Pwff! Yeah, you didn't aim that low!

C: What!? How old are you?

J: Do you have any favorite last words?

C: The last last words in the book are my favorite last words.

J: What's your favorite scene in the book?

D: The barn scene is my favorite, 'cause I feel like in that scene, you get to know everybody. You know, in high school, that's a big deal, when you finally, like, express your truths to people that you're close with.

J; Yeah, still hard.

D: 'Cause you got to trust them enough to say those things out loud and no be judged, and not have people look at you differently. That's a really big moment.

J: What is the meaning of life?

C: Oh my god. Um, who knows, but I think the meaning of life is to learn. That's what I would say.

D: I think the meaning of life is love.

J: What song enables you to perfectly envision the atmosphere of Looking for Alaska?

C: It's hard to pick one song, but I would say the song "29 #Strafford APTS" by Bon Iver.

J: My Looking for Alaska song is "Love Love Love" by the Mountain Goats.

C: Yes, The Mountain Goats. Yeah, I also have that on my playlist.

J: When does this show come out?

C: This show comes out October 18th.

J: And it's eight episodes and bingeable.

C: Yes, all right out the gate. You can watch them all at once.

J: Right, on the, on the Hulu.

C: On the Hulu.

Everyone: Hank, I'll see you on Friday.