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This week's questions:
3:12 My Grandma recently complained to me about "hospitalists". She says PCPs used to treat their patients in the hospital as well. When did this change? Is the new model better? Cheaper? Why'd we switch?
5:34 Any advice for someone starting medical school this fall?
6:29 I'm nursing my husband who just had tonsil/adenoidectomy. As a pediatrician, why is it so much worse for adults than children? Just the whining?
7:48 ​How long after my last NyQuil is it safe to drink again? Is it the same 6 hours it takes to clear before another Nyquil or is it longer? True for other medicines?
9:31 Hi HCT, I have a question. It's about the stability of the individual healthcare market. I just left my job to be self employed and am signing up for an Oscar Simple Plan. But will they survive Trump?
12:23 How far have advancements in treatment of Alzheimer's come in the last few years? Is the current treatment showing promise and is there a timeline for public use?
13:12 ​I'm a undergrad nursing student interested in research. How do I go about refining a question I have into a workable hypothesis?
14:09 ​Is it considered a good thing for people with chronic disease, especially older folks, to be on so many prescription drugs or does more research need to be done to reduce medications?
14:51 Why do some people develop allergies as an adult? (I never had allergies but moved to a new city- Boom! Seasonal Allergies!)
15:57 How close are we to understanding how the brain allows consciousness?
16:22 ​What is the evidence based on antibiotics interaction with birth control? I've heard mixed news on it!
18:10 ​Do you think MCDAs (Multi Criteria Decision Analysis) is the way to the future when it comes to policy decisions?
19:05 ​What is the current state of training immune systems to accept organ transplants without suppressing them?
20:27 The definition of disorders like autism include frustration. Do people with the same wiring as autism, but don't suffer frustrations, have autism? What do we call the difference?
22:09 ​Can working out and jogging lead to arthritis?
22:49 Any opinions on naturalist doctors for cancer treatment? It seems weird to me but I'm not the one with cancer, it's not my decision.
24:33 ​Can Type 2 Diabetes be reversed/healed/repaired through proper diet and exercise?
25:10 Any thoughts on "standing desks" vs. just getting up from your desk every once and a while?
25:58 Is there any negative health effect to drinking acidic bottled water vs basic, or are the videos comparing the two just fear mongering?
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